World Coin Wednesday......

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Afternoon to the very very few left on this platform.......

Last week I thought I’d throw a new tag out there to see if we could get some enthusiasm out there. The tag is #workcoinwednesday, it’s a very simple tag. All you need to do is grab a coin foreign to where you are from a give us a post about it.

Today I am sticking with the UK again....


The coin is a 2019 Oriental Border Britannia. I totally love the design change and the mintage on these I believe is only 250,000. Versus the millions they produce of the regular Bullion Britannia. This also comes direct from the Mint in a capsule.

Here she is...



Share a coin with us.....


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Don’t you just love the radials on the field of the coin ? It adds another design element. It also brings Britannia more forward and what better contrast .. the very smooth and shiny against the fields. They come in two versions, right. This has some oriental flare to it!
Do I think I shall do a second post for your tag later this afternoon... I hope to, anyway 😀! Tons of hugs 🤗 bestie, and take care🌺🤙

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I really do bestie, the bullion one does nothing for me. I love the proof ones and the changing designs. I have a few of them. Love and hugs bestie.🌹🌹🌹 im a little behind very busy

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Is the party over????

I wont give up

👍Me either!!!💪🤗

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Beautiful one of my favorites the Britannia!!!
I'm still her and kicking.... I'll do a deep search in the Silver stack and try to join the party later tonight!!!
The Mrs has been claiming all my nice Silver as hers for her post Lol!!!
She's at work Lol...😇

No worries. Woman.....🤣🤣🤣


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Sweet cheese mofo. Britannia's are always welcome in my stack.

No doubt brother

That is a beauty for sure! Stunning details! Have a nice night!😊

Thank you very much