#Silverpornsaturday #9

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago  (edited)

Morning my stacking and non stacking friends one and all....

It is once again #silverpornsaturday, which means we grab some of our favorite shiny and show it off to each other.

Last week we had four people participate in the tag, @elizabethbit, @saffisara, @fat-elvis and my bestie @silversaver888. Thank you all for the support. I do resteem all #silverpornsaturday posts to help get more views for everyone.

So what do I have today....

Feel free to use this photo as your thumbnail.

I am going to do a mixture of things once again. Let’s see......


A hand poured piece from Monarch Precious Netals....



A Spartan round from Provident Metals



And to end we have a Silver Shield Round.

Hope you enjoyed......

And don’t forget to show us your porn....


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I looove #silverpornsaturday and YOU my friend 🤗❤️
This is some badass share.. I love the bar alot and The spartan is awsome... But silver shield just has me hooked so its my favorite 😍
Thank you for teasing me and for being YOU 🤗❤️🌹 much love!
I Will do my silverpornsaturday later to

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Good stuff!

They have a coin show here in town once every 6 months. Maybe it’s time to start going back to it!

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Oh my oh my!!! It gets better each time! I love everything, bestie!!! Lots of hugs and love 🤗❤️😍 .

That Spartan round is pretty cool.. makes me think of that movie 300

I love the five Oz bar!!!
Five, ten......... I will need to go shopping again Lol!!😀

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