I Never.....

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Evening all....

When I first started out on this platform a year and a half ago, I never thought it would amount to much.


One because I’m not a social media person at all. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, or any other. This is my very first platform.

Two I had zero knowledge of crypto currency and what it even was. Never mind a platform that paid you in it.

Three I didn’t think that I would stick with posting daily,


I just happened to check my rep today and I noticed that I hit......


What a great number.......😃😃😃

I’d like to say thank you to the great communities I’m a part of Steemsilvergold and Thealliance. And to all the friends that I have made through them. I appreciate the support and friendship.

A little shiny just for the hell of it.





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I'm glad you're here dude, it's been a pleasure. Looking forward to MFing LAMBOS!!!

It’s been fun man. We still need to do a meet up somehow. Lambos for all....👊🏻🍺🥃🍔🍑🍆

One day D. My oldest is a junior in high school so she is starting to look at colleges and for some reason she is looking in the northeast!? 😭😭 So I have a feeling we'll be out your way sometime this school year or next summer.

Right on. Very smart girl. The East Coast RULES!!!!


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CONGRATULATIONS, bestie!!! I know how much "work" it takes to get where you are, my friend, @silverd510. Well done!

Thanks bestie🌹 you’ll be there shortly.

69.... seems like you should stop here.

If it where only that easy......🤣😂

Congrats man, i appreciate all the photos of silver and master woodworking you post!

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Thanks man. Got get back to a few jobs and take some pics. I’ll be sharing more soon hopefully.

Congrats @silverd510 What can I say, "69 is the same number upside down!"

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Thank you my friend.

Congrats @silverd510! That is some milestone and it won't be long before you will break 70.

Thanks man. Never thought id make it.

Congrats dude, it's nice to watch you 69! 😅

Thanks bro. Duuuuuhhh🤣🤣🤣

Badass dude! Go check my post called Pretty Nice Picture😉

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69 !

Well done! Congrats!

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