Better Late the Never....

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Evening all....

On the 4th of July, a few friends dropped by unexpectedly. It was great to see them but I’m one of those people that likes to be prepared.

Luckily I already had plans of making some kickass burgers, so now I just needed to make three more.

The day before I was at a standstill in the shop with the humidity. So i ended up cooking two pounds of bacon, half strips the other half diced. I also caramelized some onions and sautéed some baby portobello and cremini mushrooms in port wine.

I had everything I needed to make some killer burgers....

But I needed a WOW factor!!!!!

I know I’ll make some stuffed burgers.

So I weighed out sixteen five ounce meatballs. Pressed them into patties, salt and peppered both sides. Now the filling.

I made four stuffed with bacon, caramelized onion and blue cheese.
I made three stuffed with bacon, sautéed onions and Swiss.
Then I made my burger which was all of the above ingredients.

I put them on a baking sheet wrapped them and put them in the refrigerator to set a little. Sliced eight ciabatta rolls up to toast them. Started up the charcoal and sat with my company for a bit. A few Stella’s and now it’s time to cook.

It’s been a long time since I made stuffed burgers, but they are the true shit. Nothing slides of the roll or bun. Every bite has toppings in it not on it.

Well I got all caught up with everything going on so I forgot to take a picture of my burger. Luckily my buddy Rick posted one on Facebook. I don’t have Facebook and never will but my daughter does. I asked her if she could send it to me. She was having issues with it but her boyfriend figured it out.

So here is the burger Rick got. It was the bacon, caramelized onion and blue cheese burger.


@thedamus & @raybrockman were asking for this.....

Well here you go......


Man this burger look good

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Holy Burger Hell!!!! I'm not sure where to even start!!! @silverd510 (as @raybrockman bows down to the new burger king) I got it...... FUCKING MASTERPIECE!!!!

Thank you brother. If we ever do an SSG meetup, I’ll make them for everyone.👍

Ya buddy, you freakin’ knocked this one out of the park! 👊😎

They are so good i didn’t even put any condiments on.👍

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Hell yeah!!! One look at that picture and my mouth started watering, stomach rumbled, and my brain is telling me, "EAT, NOW!!!" :D Resteemed!

Tutorial! I want to see how these badboys are made!!

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Next time. They are very time consuming. But I’ll make sure that i do.

They look well worth it though!

Oh man, that looks so good! Is to much of a good thing, to much of a good thing? No way, especially if I was taking a bite out of that. Haha!

STUFFED BURGERS! It looks super yummy. I never had one! I better make me some!

WOW factor alright!!! That burger is fricken amaze-balls! Damn!!!
I gotta’ get to stuffing me some burgers ASAP 🤩👍

They are the bomb. If you pack them right and let the set back up in the frig. If you want a play by play hit me up on discord.👍

How do you “seal” the two patties together around the filling?

You have to work the meat after it’s been out of the frig for a bit. Get it softer and easier to form. The patties get pressed out pretty thing, my guess is about 6-7” across. On parchment or wax paper you press them out. Place the filling in the center leaving about a half inch around the entire patty untouched by filling. I recommend using diced bacon and diced onions to make it easier. The onions i made were rather large and made it a bitch to seal them up. I also recommend doing the fillings the day before because once they are cool they stay better. It also keeps the juices from the onion and mushrooms from not sealing the patties.
After you lay the second patties on top, I press down the entire edge semi flat. Then I carefully lift them and pinch it together all the way around. Then I tap the edge all the way around to round it back up. If you see a seam between the patties it will separate when cooking which will destroy the burger. If you notice a seam pinch it until you don’t see it anymore then pat it back to round.
These burgers are not very easy the first couple of times. As you do them you learn how to prevent disasters. None of the 8 burgers I made separated this time. I usually have one and it becomes mine because i won’t serve it to anyone.
The other key is putting them back in the frig for atleast an hour covered in plastic wrap on a baking sheet. This will make them stiff and the seal holds better.
Another tip, if doing them on the grill no direct heat, you will lose all the juices due to the extreme temperature. These cook up much better in a pan then a grill in my opinion but i had too many to cook for that. I set the charcoal on one side of the grill and the burgers on the other. I flip them in place. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but this is a good start.

I feel like a godamned professor already! Thanks duder, I really wanna’ try this 👊😁

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