Fiesta Tuesday.....

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Afternoon everyone....

So it’s that day of the week once again. Time to put on your sombrero, slam down some tacos🌮🌮🌮 And swig some crevasse🍺🍺🍺


Today I am going to share a 1978 Mexican Cien Pesos silver coin. I’ve had this coin for a very long time. I actually bought this coin when I was in Acapulco twenty five years ago. It’s in absolutely fantastic condition.

Check this baby out.....



Thank you for viewing and enjoy your #fiestatuesday.

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A beautiful and perfect coin. Congrats.

Thanks Ron. It holds some nice memories

100 Pesos
Badges ?, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges !!!

Baaaahahahah! How 'bout some more beans Mr Taggert?


Great movie

Viva La Revolution!

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¡Esa cosa es dulce como el flan de mi abuela!

200 (1).gif


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I must, MUST have Hidalgos!!!! I don't have a single one. That one is so beautiful, bestie!!!
Have a FIESTA today, bestie... how about Tacos for lunch? Take care 🥰🌺🤙and tons of Hugs and Kisses 🤗!!!!

Really????? I can’t believe that. I have another one somewhere but it’s not as nice as this one. No tacos allowed I’m in keto. Tons of hugs bestie🌹❤️

That .720, is that the silver percentage?

Yes. L Mexican coin have the purity on them

Dango django thar be a beauty!

It is a very nice coin with lots of detail. I like it!

Always a Silver heart breaker!!!
Very clean, nice satin finish!!!😀

Aye Carumba that's muy bueno!