Guess the Weight on This New Pour & Win!... Part 2

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

Here's another one of my poured silver pieces. I ran out of polishing wheels for my dremel so I just tumbled it as is. But... I haven't stamped it yet.
dragon bar front.jpeg

This time, you need to guess the weight in GRAMS.

How many GRAMS do you predict this will weigh?

Here's the back side, sorry... out of polishing wheels :P
back of dragon bar.jpeg

The Steemian who guesses closest without going over wins some STEEM!

One guess per Steemian please. The contest will run at least through Monday mid-day Chicago time. Possibly through Tuesday... but don't delay :D

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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ssg toon.jpeg

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How about 103 grams.

123 it for sale?


Yes it will be for sale as of the end of the contest. You can email me at

62.2 grams

100 grams


Click HERE and scroll down for Winner Reveal!

76 grams




75 g. Nice work.

114 grams

97 gram

29 grams in wieght. Very lovely piece. Good luck to all.

125 grams

Fingers crossed brother and a very cool GAW. Have to go with 104 grams.
Great work and keep up all the awesome!

that’s a nice piece! my guess would be 155.00 grams.

108.5 grams


95 grams

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74 grams


99 grams

Great work!

hi not sure if i am too late for this, may i hazard a guess at 106 grms if i am not, purely wild guess i have no idea but i do love the design, have a fab day, respect

~80 grams

105 grams

What a wonderful pour! I think 86 grams.

250 grams

Last time I went really high, well I learned my lesson. Your hands are kind of small... Not that there's something wrong with that. So... 72g perhaps?

119 grams

120 grms

75 grams

Probably 180g

Hmmm, I'll go with 50 grams.


50.39 grams is my guess, looks really cool!

90 gramms

31.1. Grams

± 30grams


163 grams looks dope by the way!


97 grams.
Real nice cast design too!


108 grams :)

160 grams I say!

156 g

125 grams

46 grams

98.6 grams

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152 gram

77 grams :D

Nice work!

64.4 grams. 😁

67 grams.

pesa 100 gramos

141 grams ... i reckon

69 dude

My guess is 88 grams

I think that 96 grams 🤔


@sbsparts I am going with 101 Grams

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