Redeeming an Ugly Bar From the Melt Pile... And Contest Winner Announcement

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What does a new... amateur silversmith/silver pourer do with a bar that's... just too ugly to be of use?

Well... Melt it down I suppose. But not before testing out my new ball-peen hammer on it.

Hammer Time!

hammer time.gif

K, so I smacked the bar a few times... then put it in the melt pile. Today I pulled it out of the melt pile... polished the hammer to get rid of some of the unwanted texture on the ball... then smacked the bar a bunch more times.

Didn't have to much to lose... it's the Melt Pile. So... without further ado, check out this bar.

SBS Hammered Bar #1




Far from perfect... but no longer in the melt pile either. "Sprue You, Melt Pile!"

What else....? What else? Oh yes. I think there was a contest winner to announce. Please Watch:

Until Next Time My Friends...

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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ssg toon.jpeg

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Is it a real technique to "hammer" a bar?


Yeah, I own hammered bars from Mr. Zeke and High Five Silver. But they're way better at it 😜
**Mr. Zeke uses the Tree of Life.

High Five Silver makes hands in different finishes among other things ;-)

Beautiful bar bro!!

a) that hammered bar is awesome b)so close yet still over by 2 grams lol

Awesome hammered bar! Great job!!!

That bar is defenitly not melt, very cool looking hammered bar.👍

Wonderful Hammered Bar!

Rlthat hammered effect came out really nicely. Good save from the melt pile, amd clever thinking to try it out.

A very cool effect, generating a cool bar.

I was just thinking it looked cool just hammered like that.. then i scrolled down and saw you stamped it ! Sweet.. a keeper..

@sbsparts fantastic hammering work brother!! It just goes to show that with imagination and technique all silver is holding beauty. Congrats to Mike for the win! Had my fingers crossed but twas not meant to be lol. Thanks for sharing!!

So cool hammering work you di it by yourself is much more inspiring