Guess the Weight on This New Pour & Win!

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

So... I've been messing around with pouring some silver. This piece hasn't been cleaned up or tumbled yet, but I wanted to incorporate it into today's post.
Nothing here for scale really, except my hand
A couple of different angles to show it in different light...

Here's the edge:

That's it... Guess the Weight (in troy ounces). Closest WITHOUT going over wins.... some STEEM (amount TBD).

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12.6 ounces

4.0 Ozt.

5.6 ounces


We'll do it again soon.

Contest is Over. Click HERE and scroll down for results.


wow that was fast!


Yeah, I do daily posts... so I wanted to announce the winner when I made my next post. Next time I'll have a preset time. I had no idea there would be such a huge response.

3.4 ounces

3.2 ozt awesome work sir

3.0 ounces! It look's very cool, nice job!
I didn't make it to the post office today, but i'm on it!


Sounds good. Thanks very much. Good luck!

4.2 ounces

My guess is 6.7ozt. Looking good!! Great job on your pouring!! Looking forward to seeing more.


Very kind of you to say. I sure do appreciate you & @Mr-Vulcan 🤩

5.8 troy ounces

2.3 ozt

Wow that is awesome... 8 oz ?

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My guess: 6.8 ounces
Beautiful piece!

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5.1 ozt. looks cool too!

4.3ozt You're doing great brother! The Myan calander is super dope!


I actually hand pressed that into the sand, instead of dropping the sand onto it. My flask (mold) wasn't big enough to fit it :P

5ozt nice work!

4.0 ounces, my guess

6oz. Nice round!


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4.75 oz! Great job on that pour @sbsparts!

4.6 ounces

You are doing some awesome work, we guess 4.89 oz t. Very cool!


Woah?! Wow... thanks man. I'm definitely a fan of the stuff you create. Amazing to watch!

It looks very much like a kilogram of silver the way you hold it.
However, it looks bit thinner than a kilogram bar of silver.
So my guess is, about 660gram, or little over 21t Oz.

I'll say 7.7 ozt. and a nice looking piece it is, can't wait to see it all cleaned up!


I ran out of polishing tips, hehe... Came out pretty ok. They can always be better if you're willing to put in the time/work (and have the tools). Congratz BTW.

very extraordinary, I would be 3.5

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pesa 1 onza troy que equivale a 31,1035 gramos

8.5 oz, such a beautiful piece!!. Nice work!!.

7.46 ozt

It's looking good , I guess 26.46 gramme :)

5.4 ounces

5.3oz!!! Nice looking piece!

4.75 ounces I think . That one is so cool to look at and the art is nice.

2.71 ounces

5.8 ozt

3.3 ounces

That's awesome! I think it's 3.1 ounces. :)

4.5 ounces

2,5. Ounces if I think from that point of view

Great artwork, what did you used as a mold?


a belt buckle ;-)

6.8 ounces , hope I am right

3.2 ounce

I would say 9.6

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