Crazy CornStacker, Cornelius, Whatever... is STILL Attacking the Silver Community

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago

Had a lot of fun listing the SHIT that he's pulled. Calling artisans thieves, and patrons are stupid suckers.

Now he has followers who are threatening violence to silver pumpers. Let this psycho, who has nothing to do with the Silver Stacking Community except to try to tear it apart, know what you think of him.

Corn, Go Home! Go Bully some carpenters or painters for a change.


WoW Sbs, This is crazy.


He sure has gone off the deep end Big Time.

i know the dealers he mentioned, it's true they probably wouldnt give you more than spot for poured pieces but that's just business

eventually a lot of it will be collectible especially from people that make videos of it, some already is, just not to dealers usually

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