The Mummy’s Curse – a silver tale for Mother’s Day

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I’m lucky enough to have 5 amazing kids and this year when @matthewwarn asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day … I told him, you know the normal, flowers, gift card for Aveda, breakfast in bed, sleep, poured silver… ;)

Yeah, poured silver… you see @matthewwarn has been taunting me a little with some amazing purchases of poured silver by the very talented @pit-bullion and I thought that it would make an awesome gift for the stacker’s wife on Mother’s Day.

Many years ago, I went to Egypt for 3 weeks and spent the most incredible time in Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor. Exploring the pyramids, temples, tombs and museums; soaking up all the history and invoking my inner Indiana Jones… I brought back a couple of artifacts, a pair of basilic black cats – my hand luggage on the flight home, they weigh about 20lbs - papyrus paintings and some Egyptian gold jewelry.

Even if you haven’t been to Egypt, I’m you sure know that many believe that if you take something from a tomb or disturb a mummy or even take an artifact out of the country, then you will be cursed and meet an untimely demise or worse be gifted with 10 children and NEVER sleep again!!

In this case, the Curse of the Mummy is indeed lack of sleep, not enough hours in the day, a never-ending supply of dirty laundry and being blessed to be the “mummy” of our amazing kids :)

Assigned the task of finding a suitable piece of poured silver for the mother or mummy [hahaha] of his children, @matthewwarn enlisted the talents once more of @pit-bullion and brought “The Mummy’s Curse” to life in this stunning 10oz pour of pure drool worthy silver. I present the “Pharaoh's Skull”.







IMG_3739 2.JPG



Umm yeah... "The Pharaoh" is badass!! and @matthewwarn has major brownie points!!

I am @redwellies and I have 5 kids and don't sleep… but there are worse problems to have in NOT being married to a stacker @matthewwarn.

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Silver for mother’s day. You have given me an idea for next year. Thanks. By the way we have a bunch of baby goats if you still want one;)

That's a hard no for now...but maybe later if we get some more land...I'm still saying no to chickens but she is wearing me down :-)

Very Very Cool. It looks like it's perfect for you. Great post @redwellies. Great job @matthewwarn.

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