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in steemsilvergold •  2 years ago

So over the past few day's the #steemsilvergold has been a little on the none posting side. So I figured it was time for another contest and giveaway.



1. Stack that silver up

2. Upvote every post this week by @silvergoldbotty

3. Upvote and resteem this post.

Come on lets see how good your stacking skills are. It can be silver, gold or both. Include some sort of proof that it is your stack. Thats it, easy right? Well stack up then. Steemsilvergold must be the first tag.



Contest will run for 7 days

lets get some post going, you know that @silvergoldbotty as some new vote power... so make sure you show her some love.


follow me @raybrockman

giphy (11).gif

There you go, turn it blue


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Sounds like fun Ray Ray, I will see if I can dig up a mason jar or two out of the backyard for ya! To be honest, I've been buying more steel and lead than anything else here lately. I know, shame on me but I can't help it, it's my passion. I just have bought my first silencer (suppressor) which is badass! I've been waiting almost a year for clearance on that piece of hardware so Im like a kid at Christmas now!


Like you, I have heavily stacked the "semi-precious" metals of Brass and Lead ;)
I was waiting on the HPA to pass for a suppressor, but after Vegas I might just go ahead and run the usual route, after the stupid and misguided comments by "president Klinton" OOPS< she LOST!!! lmao

Upped and Reed Big Daddy!

Look for my Stack-Attack in the next couple/few days...
(busy as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking competition next few days and unable to access the pile...)

Cheers Ray! Bring it on like Donkey Kong!!!

This is a cool contest. I'll try to come up with something this weekend.

Upvoted and resteemed hoping to get this message out, I agree, I personnaly have not been able to spend a lot of time posting articles on steem lately, but your post is great for the community and I like your initiative to get the steemsilvergold community going strong.

awesome man, I'll get to stacking, great initiative

Ok, give me a few days and i will come up with something. I love these contests.

I really look forward to this!! My stack is super small but I'll be sure to join in. This is an awesome way to get in the habit of upvoting botty too guys! Thanks for being such a leader around here Ray, you're the man!

upvoted and resteemed.. where do I show to my stack? :)

Great Ray, you have been working wonders with the group. It seems everyone has been loving your competitions, thanks for being one of the most generous contributors to the tag! Also your stacking skills right there are off the hook! Big thumbs up from me!

Hey RAY!!!
What start date for the 'Botty Posts? Also, how long do I have to get a Stack Pic? Do I really have to "dig up" my whole stack and post it? LOL


Just this week on botty and na it doesn't have to be a full stack, mine wasn't

G'day Ray. Looks like you just woke a few people up............including me!!
My posting has had about as much life in it as a "Dead Dingo's Dick".
I can't do anything for the next few days but then I'm going to round up my stack and have a "Crack"

thanks for the challenge Ray... I will get to throwing down some silver by weeks end! peace

Man. How long it take you to stack all that up?😁 I’m in but it will be a few days til I can post something.

Hi @raybrockman, I'm thinking about busting out the stack and joining in on the contest! I have read the rules and I assume the deadline is Sunday night? If this is correct and I can still join in on the fun, please let me know.


Of course you can

Ok... I did the upvote & resteem, and I went back and upvoted @silvergoldbotty 's posts for the last week. I'll have to come up with something creative with my stacking picture... and, I'll be posting a video soon celebrating 1,500 followers - just as soon as I get done unpacking all of my $#!t after moving last week! 0.o

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Cool contest! I posted on my stacking ability here:

This will also help remind me to support @silvergoldbotty

Very cool as always Ray! I'll get some stacked up sometime soon and post it up!

Great initiative and great stack. Resteemed.

This is a nice contest 👌

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Calling @originalworks :)
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i missed it can you make again ? thanks