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There is no doubt that @sevinwilson , @phelimint , and @bearone did a top notch job with the Steem Silver Round. The coin itself is amazing, and will be sought after for years to come. As the platform grows the demand and want for this coin will grow as well.

For those of you that may not be very familiar with silver and its mintage. The mintage is important, lets say with the steem silver round it has a mintage of 1500, so for the first series of this coin there are only 1500 coins minted, thats it, can't be minted again. With that each coin is numbered with a matching C.O.A. So to sum this up for you the lower your numbers the better you are. Now here comes the important part of this @pelimint has decided that if you got steem rounds from the first order then they will guarantee that you get the same numbers on the next order. This is important for one reason, if you are going to collect this series than it will make your collection more valuable if you have the same number, etc.. lets say there are 4 coins that will be made, if you had coin 5 on the first order, then that means that you will get coin 5 for the rest of the orders. So when the series ends you would have all # 5's which to a collector looking to buy, this is vary rare and almost impossible, this is a huge benefit to you the seller.

Here is the class


Thats 3 display boxes for 3 special coins

But wait those are just boxes, they are Custom Steem Display Boxes



Now before I get to the prices let me explain the deal, I am going to put up three coins for sale in these boxes, I will also guarantee you the same number for every series, (remember I get the same number for every order going forward). So you will be able to have the same number for your whole collection.

So lets get started

1st up is coin #111

Coin 111 is SOLD

$125.00 comes with the display box and a guarantee of you getting that same number for every steem coin minted in the future.


2nd up coin # 100

$200.00 comes with the display box and the guarantee that of you getting the same number for every steem coin minted in the future


last one is for you heavy hitters, coin #4

$350.00 coin comes with the display box and the guarantee of you getting the same number for the every steem coin minted in the future.


You are buying the number

If you buy one of these coins, the rest of the steem coins minted in the future will be sold to you from me @cost. So if you buy coin 4, then the next series coin 4 will only cost you what it cost me. There is where the deal starts kicking in. So if the price stays the same then the next coin # 4 would only cost you $23.50

payments can be made with Bitcoin, Litecoin, SBD or Steem. NO cash

you can reach me in steemit chat if your are intrested.

follow me @raybrockman

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Ahh man, those are becoming an extremely hot commodity here lately! @papa-pepper is hosting a contest right now that I'm currently in the lead in and one of the prizes is one of these rounds! These boxes are just classy as hell, whoever winds up with one will be one lucky sumbitch!

Damn I am just now seeing this!!! This is a hell of deal!!

Someone needs to scoop this up!!

Very nice job. The boxes with the Steem logo is a nice touch!

Very cool offer.

Awesome boxes Ray! That's pretty cool.

Nice Steem boxes for those coins! Looks good man!

Wicked cool @raybrockman !!!

That's awesome man, your really up to something here. I'm curious to see what the market with bring, those boxes certainly are sweet.
We have confirmed that we will lock in the first 100 series numbers for returning customers, but unfortunately I'm not sure we will be able to commit to that for all the COA numbers as it just becomes far to cumbersome. I would be interested in that 111 round though for myself if we could work out a trade perhaps.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think who holds the 2017 COA, holds the number. So once you sell coin and coa, that person now has the "deed"

Great looking boxes Ray! and WOW!!! no #4 may just get snapped up at that low, low price!


"Deed" I like it,,, thanks bro

What did you have in mind

These rounds look super sexy. My hats off to the creators, excellent job!

Super Cool! These pieces would make a awesome bolo tie to wear to a future Steemfest too!

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Fantastic post!

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Very cool offer.

Take my money! 😅
Good idea and amazing work!
Followed and upvoted!

Those are some awesome looking boxes!

Wow, nice numbers you got there.