Disturbance in The Force!

Well know doubt there seems to be some Disturbance In the Force. With the current Political Shit Show that is going on in the United States, this comes as no surprise.


Silver is currently sitting at $17.50 and has passed the 52 week average. Also sitting at a current high for the past 12 months. I see $18 before the week is over.


Of course Silver is not the Line Leader in todays field trip, gold is. Sitting at a nice $1528 per ounce it too has passed the 52 week average.


You cant have 52 week highs without 52 weeks lows, my next spot light is just that a 52 week low. Steem and all crypto's except the top 10 have struggled since the all time high back in 2017. Steem has manged to stay within the top 100. Right now $100 will buy you 542 steem. Now for those of us that have been around for awhile, 542 steem used to be worth over $2,000. Sitting at just right under 19 cents, steem is a BUY!!!



Lifes journey is tricky, its all about choosing the right path. Choose wisely!!

Thanks for stopping by!



I chose STEEM! Ive been reading so much and understanding so little. The steem blockchain is ranked up highly for speed/volume/cost but the token is taking a beating.

Will we look back in 2 yrs time and think "WOW" I wish I had picked some up at sub $0.20.

Same goes for silver. I'm buying buying buying. Now I'm even more sure about silver prices and see $18 at a bargain in the long run.

Here we go! Got to love this run, but I have a feeling the big money won t let it get too far before they desperately attempt to kick the can down the road.

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It's very obvious that President Trump is desperate to have the Fed cut the interest rate to ZERO and then start printing money. He also desperately wants to devalue the dollar vs. the Chinese Yuan (damn the consequences to average people's well-being, it's more important for him to "win the trade war" - I think). If it comes right down to it, I think he'll declare a state of emergency, remove & replace the Fed Chairman with his own guy, and do exactly what he wants. As bad as this would be, it bodes VERY well for us silver & gold stackers. $20 silver will break some very large banks, including DeutscheBank and J.P.Morgan, so there's really no telling how bad of a $#!tstorm this is all going to turn into before its' over. Betting against the dollar, soveriegn bonds, and debt by buying bullion is a total no-brainer. It's just sad how many people are brain-dead. They can only kick the can down the road for so long, and it seems like we are quickly running out of road...

Keep this thought in mind... The Central Bank Owners, are the True Enemy’s of the People, World Wide...

August 14, 2019... 4.3. Hollywood Time...

I have just bought more steem. I am a little away from being an orca, but I will be there for sure, in a near future.

Just knowing how crypto and the markets/precious metals work puts us light years ahead of most. I will keep pushing and doing what I can with the funds available to me. Thanks for sharing!!

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You haven’t seen anything yet... Start thinking of a Silver/Gold Ratio of 10 to 1...

That’s where it will be, when the United States, Switches over to “Sound Money”...

August 13, 2019... 16.8 Hollywood Time...

I'd be very happy with 30:1

I’m sure you’ll be very pleased...

August 14, 2019... 4.2. Hollywood Time...

Stack it high my good man! We are very, very late in the cycle now.

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What a wild ride today is.

Ups and downs in market trends are always expected.

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