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Here is some eyecandy for you, all these pictures have been used in previous post. Figured it would be nice to have them all in one.

Before I get into the silver porn, I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the #steemsilvergold community. Man this tag is growing very quickly. Such talented and knowledgeable people. Just yesterday I saw @pit-bullion on here. We have members from all over the world. Now if we can just get a steemit silver and gold dealer here we wouldn't have to go know where else. Anyways on to the eyecandy. Enjoy.




















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giphy (11).gif

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Is the 2000 Eagle hand painted?

Beautiful! I love seeing silver-thanks you have some nice pieces!

I like that collection, it reminds me of all those qualities that crypto and FIAT don't have. Ownership 100%, what you hold in your hand is regulated by the laws of physics and geology, true storage of human energy (the ability to do work). FIAT does not follow those laws. And crypto is the largest hallucination ever, I have operated an engineering company for over 20 years including software bugs for customers that don't pay - when the bug kicks in they pay very quickly. Anyone who tells you crypto is "safe" has never ever dealt with databases and software..., I never know if my private key will work until I have tried, and I can only try exactly once, this deep crypto flaw needs attention.

good points. what do you mean by:" I can only try exactly once"?

Safe cold storage means that I have to know my own private key. While I can check my account balance with the public key, the accessibility can only be verified upon valuation of the private key. Private keys are like one-way PINs, once used they are devaluated due to use.

Thanks for the up vote on my article about your worst investment, to claim your .1 steem dollar 💵 please post your story. Your silver collection is quite expensive and extensive! #steemsilvergold

It was a good article, thanks for the visit.

thanks Ray. those geigers and the 100 oz are probably my favourites there. In time we will have it all here at steemsilvergold.

Thanks buddy.


It will give you a tooth ache. Thanks for the visit my friend.

I am wondering, what is the worth of that marvelous collection of yours? ;-)

Priceless, thanks for the visit my good friend

You are so clever ;-), my pleasure my friend.

some amazing pics there the siren looks beautiful really shows up all the detail :)

Love that coin. Thanks for the visit mr @owenwat

Just about creamed my pants looking through this one. I see the 100 oz bar and 250grams but those Perth mint bars are something else. Gonna have to add a few of these to my rader. Great post buddy

Nice pics Ray. Love those stackable geiger bars

Thanks buddy

Love me that 100 rcm bar. Wowzers stack!

Me to, it feels good in your hand. Kinda like real money

Beautiful collection man, I think the privateers and cleaopatra 2oz rounds are my favorites. I haven't heard much about them since the elemental mint legal troubles I hope they aren't over. As for PM dealers, anything we sell at www.phelimint.com we can make a deal for Steem/sbd. We're not a big dealer though, just a few semi-numismatic peices for now.

Not a big DEALER, you got alot of stuff on that site my friend. Not good at converting CAD TO USD. but im goona get with you.

Yeah the CAD is a huge issue for us actually, The site will convert it if you select whaver currency you want from the drop down menu at the top right of the site. But you still need to pay in CAD, so there's whatever fee paypal of you CC charges. I'm working on my partner to accept bitcoin, and we are also considering running a USD site as well, but all down the line. For now anything you want in SBD just email us personally and we'll figure it out.

Wow!!! This community have it all to be successful. Pls how can i be part of this.

Wow, impressive Geiger bar stack! Those are the bomb. All great stuff but i got a thing for German silver

Yeah me to, love Geiger.

Wow, started to get a lil chub towards the end when I saw that pyramid! Nice stack!

Man, it took me a while to stack that pyramid. Thanks for the visit buddy

LMFAO! That is exactly what I thought when I saw it!

I have that same exact colored eagle! Wow...Nice coins

Thanks buddy, keep stacking and steemin

What a collection! It keeps getting more impressive! I like the consolidated post! Sent you a message on Steemit.chat!

Thanks bud

That is a sh*t load of silver. Nice pic ups. Great to see it all in 1 post.

Its okay to say shit, I won't flag you. Keep stacking buddy.


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Wow! You have a really cool collection there!

Nice stax! Ray, you're practically a bullion bank -- all things looking good on the Raymex!

Dude, buy more harder! And get more btc... for reals! It's a great way to multiply your stack ;)

Can I haz Silver, plox? Lelz
Thats amazing. I really need to start building up my physical assets.

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