Silver Bullet Silver Shield is Back!

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2019 Year of the Pig Antique

No longer the original owners, but Silver Bullet Silver Shield is back up. They're back with a new round, which is a 2019 Year of the Pig round with an antiqued finish. This is definitely not your normal Year of the Pig artwork. This from SBSS :

The "Year of the Pig" round is based on the ancient Chinese Lunar calendar. The design was inspired by the current financial crisis the world's economies are facing. Designed by master artist Alex Robledo. Represents the wealth inequality that exists throughout the world today and the insatiable appetite of the 1% to own and control more of the wealth and resources of the planet.

Personally, I like the design a lot but the high premium is going to keep me from jumping on this one right now. If I come into some extra money though... I'll definitely consider ordering one of these.

Check out the new round here!

What do you think? Are you planning to buy this round?

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That is a great round!! I love the design, but I will just hope to magically find one at my LCS one day. So far I have found a few SBSS in the wild and try not to act to excited when I see it.

That's cool! I've never seen one in the wild but have bought a few of them online.


The Olympia Coin spot I went to New Year’s Eve had some Silver Bullet Silver Shield stuff... in the wild. I need to get back there.... 🤔

I was a Big Fan of the Silver Bullet, Silver Shield in its Early Days...

It's a nice looking Silver Round, and the Antique Finish is a Plus...

August 26, 2019... 13.3 Hollywood Time...

I love the look of it! It's the premium I'm not loving at the moment... haha!

Don't worry about any Premiums... Silver is heading to $350 Per Ounce...

August 26, 2019... 14.7 Hollywood Time...

I hope you're right about that!

Silver will reach $350 per Oz, so that it can be Reset to $3.50 per Oz...

That's where Silver needs to be. to Transition into "Sound Money"...

August 27, 2019... 16.2 Hollywood Time...

What? Did Duane sell the original name?

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It would appear they're under new ownership.

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