I'm really loving the new 2oz Silver Shield Rounds!

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Of course your probably aware of the ongoing silver shield mini-mintage series, when they release a new design every week on pre-order than mint on demand for just the orders placed. Some designs end up with mintages as high as 10 000, while others may only have 1000 minted. They are available weekly from golden state mint here.

I keep up with the weekly series and have always been a huge silver shield fan, not every design appeals to me, but most do, and it's fun to be able to keep up with the series. Of course we also buy a couple extra for resale every week at www.phelimint.com

Recently they have be releasing a few of there early designs that have always been a few of my favorites in a 2 oz size and I'm really digging them. I'm a big fan of the 2 oz size, it just gives that bit extra room to better showcase the art and lets you appreciate the extra mass.

Anyways enough jibber-jabber and on with the showcase right!






Ten more ounces to the stack, and they also have a cool new obverse for 2018


What do you think? Do you have a favorite

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Those coins are magnificent. I will be ordering some for sure. Thanks for the tip.


My pleasure, I love sharing these treasures.

The two that I like most are the trivium girls and the two wolves and a lamb. That is a very interesting series.


My fav's as well!

I love the writing on the silver coin "never trust government" lol


Yeah, that's certainly an interesting one.

I love the never trust government round. And of course the trivium girls one, I need to get that one for sure... I haven't been buying SBSS rounds for a couple years, unless my LCS has them.



Yeah, it was really hard when goldenstate mint wasn't shipping internationally and only accepting e-checks, but I was still able to keep up with my annual freedom girl set!

Oh man they are awesome looking! I am.with you that I am not always a fan of every design but a good portion of them. The trivium girls and the wilves overseeing the lamb are my two favs here. I also love their Merry Consumerism round the produced! Thanks for sharing!!


Yeah, some are over the top and too political, I think that two you mentioned are also my favorites, so we likely have similar tastes.


@phelimint there is a very good chance you are correct. I do enjoy some of the political messages, but sometime you just want to look at a beautiful design to escape the crazy world around us. Those two represent deeper meanings of protection and true learning in my opinion and really connect of a more meaningful level than the basic political ones. Thanks again!!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Yep, I sure do like that first one!