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My favorite sports team is the Atlanta Falcons. The story of why is the interesting part though. The first football game that I can remember watching was the 1999 Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons. I decided to pick the Falcons to win that game at the ripe age of 6 and I've been with them ever since. For those of you that aren't familiar with what happened that day, the Denver Broncos crushed my Atlanta Falcons. 18 years later, the Falcons had the opportunity to avenge their previous Super Bowl loss against the New England Patriots. After leading 28-3 late in the third quarter, the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in football history to win the game in overtime. The Falcons crushed my hopes of winning the Super Bowl, but there's a funny thing about fandom. I'll never stop cheering for the Falcons. I've been with them through the worst times and I know that when they do win that first SUper Bowl, it will make things that much sweeter.


@brandonp Yes those are some heart breaking moments. I will share moments even worse. The day my beloved Raiders pack up from Oakland (15 mins from me) and moved to LA! OK I accepted that they were still a California based team(I never said LA) "The Raiders". Second moment. John Gruden being dismissed as Head Coach and joining Tampa Bay and then beating us in the Super Bowel. Third Raiders now moving out of California and going to Las Vegas, (total bull shit) I have been a loyal fan for 44 years now to have this happen. Now here's the worst moment I live in San Francisco Bay area where the 49ers are located as well. With the 49er dynasty winning 5 SB's in the 80's and the Raiders playing like shit for decades I have to hear it from these niner fans while trying to maintain my loyalty to my childhood chosen team. As far as Denver crushing the Falcons that game. Try living with Denver crushing you every single Monday night game in front of the world.!!!! Shanahan always beat us. Shotenheimer (KC) did too!! So worst times mean something different to each of us. Like Buffalo Bill said in Silence of the Lambs, "You don't know what pain is!"

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My favorite team is Real Salt Lake. Why? Excellent question, it seems that most folk here in the US don't seem to think of Soccer as being a real sport, and yet none of them have ever tried spending 90+ minutes running, sprinting, and attempting to control a ball up and down a pitch.

I enjoy RSL because they have heart, tenacity, and they aren't as major of a club as say the LA Galaxy, but play as hard as they can with what they have. I also love that they somehow manage to have a "friendly" every 1-4 years with my favorite team across the pond; the one and only Manchester United.


Since I was 6 I loved Basketball. It was always a big part of my life and helped me make friends and experiences. I can only assume that my life would have been so different if basketball wasn't part of my life...

Also, my favorite NBA team is Minnesota Timberwolves because my friend dragged me to their games ever since I was little and it was just so much fun!


Good comment, i hope you will win!



The Toronto Blue Jays!

They are Canada's only MLB team, plus they are reasonably close (4 hrs)to my home.

The New England Patriots. Let me add that I am born and raised in New England. The dominance of the Patriots is the result of an owner, head coach, and quarterback/team captain who demand perfection from themselves and their teammates. If Kraft, Bill, and Brady all ended up involved with other teams I do not believe that any of them would hold the same number of rings. It is a joy to watch how the Patriots play. Even in times of extreme adversity they are always top competitors. Last year's Superbowl was a prime example of how brains, skill, patience, and poise can bring you back from almost any point deficit. I'm hoping the Patriots can keep it going and be solidified as the greatest American football dynasty of all time...of course I think they are already!

My favorite team WAS the Quebec Nordiques. I was from the city and enjoyed going to their games even when they were at the bottom. But they left for Colorado and won the Stanley Cup :(

My favorite sports team is always the underdog. In any and all major sporting events I always root for the underdog team. This way I can always have a team to root for even if my local teams are not playing. For example I am rooting for the Eagles in the upcoming Super Bowl because they are the underdogs even though I am not normally a fan of theirs.

Upvoted and resteemed! Keep up the good work!

My Favorite Sports Team growing UP was the California Angels, I grew up in California and Loved Baseball and playing it all through School. Thank You @o07 for giving us an Opportunity to WIN some Gold and SBD.........Resteemed and UP Voted this.

I'm a rugby boy at heart and my favourite team is obviously the national team. C'mon WALES!!

But I do follow a bit of football (and yes you yanks it's called football not soccer. FOOT-ball, a sports played with your foot and a ball). My favourite team is the Arsenal. I've support hen for 30yrs. Couldn't tell you why I do, it was just a team I picked when I was a kid and it stuck. Possible because one of my oldest friends was an Aston villa fan and arsenal were alphabetically above them in the list... Who knows??


Don't forget to upvote the post to be eligible!


Oops. Thought I had. Done!

Cincinnati Bengals. I liked them as a kid because I liked tigers, I liked the colors black and orange, and they were the closest NFL team to where I lived at the time (Louisville). Plus they were GOOD then...unlike now. But my love for the Bengals has carried over from childhood.

My favorite team is the Penn State University women's volleyball team. Not only do they have a history of success, but they aren't unpleasant to look at, either! I really enjoyed watching those games when I attended. Fast-paced and strategic!


I waited 50 years of being a fan, but some people waited over 100


Go Cubs Go!


Great, the Cub fans are coming out in support.....We need to lock in on of the 4 remaining free agent #1 rotation starters, unless Arieta resigns

Raiders! Because im from California originally and used to love going to games with family, great memories 😀

I live in Turkey, but Sporting Clube Portugal fan. Because they are constantly being injusted. I am with the weak.

@teamaustralia won't like this but being in New Zealand, I have to say the All Blacks🏉 after all we are the rugby world champions🏆and hopefully will be again in 2019!😆👍

The 1992 USA Men's Olympic basketball team called the Dream Team composed of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and other greatest players of NBA during that time. This is my favorite sports team because what's not to like when you have a team that no team can beat.

ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE ... My Favourite team, because "AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle" - need i say more I love Cricket it is my main sport, and The IPL is the most entertaining, exiting, amazing competition in my view ... I Just LOVE it !!!
Cheers man enjoying your posts ;) @o07

My favorite sports team is the Florida State University football team! From the day I was born I grew up a diehard FSU fan.

I was born in 1990 and did not get a chance to go to 1993 National Championship game. I traveled down to it, but my parents didn't deem it necessary for me to go since I wouldn't remember it anyways.

I attended the 1996 National Championship game in New Orelans as the Florida Gators waxed our ass 52-20. I will never forget this game as it was the first time I cried from a football game.

I road out to Tempe, Arizona for the 1998 National Championship game that the Seminoles could have won I believe if Chris Weinke played. Tennessee got the best of us though that night.

I was present in New Orleans for the 1999 National Championship game, as the Seminoles were back in the National Championship game and dusted Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech hokies, 46-29. I'll never forget Peter Warrick's acrobatic TD catch in the endzone.

I attended (unfortunately) the 2000 Orange Bowl as the Seminoles had one of the worst performances I have ever seen offensively. I am still bitter they let Mark Richt coach that game even though he had already left for Georgia mentally. Oklahoma shut down the Noles 13-2 that night.

I flew out to Los Angeles to watch the Seminoles defeat the Auburn Tigers 34-31 in the 2013 National Championship game in Pasadena. That moment where Kelvin Benjamin caught the touchdown pass from Jameis was one of the most memorable plays of my life!

Nole Nation until I die! This is how I spend my Saturday's every fall!


Dallas Cowboys

I grew up watching this team.

I don't watch pro football anymore, but the team I grew up with had a combination of class, precision, and tenacity that impressed me as a kid

My favorite sport is Basketball and it probably came from the fact that my dad used to be a pro-player. I love the feeling of hitting a 3-pointer or when I dunk in-game. My favorite NBA team is Houston Rockets because the first basketball game I ever watched was when Tracy McGrady scored 13 pts in 33 seconds and it was amazing! I work hard every day to try and be a great b-ball player like him.

Oh and also, Resteemed!

Soccer is my totally favorite. German national team is my favorite selection and I'm big fan of German Soccer. German national team won world cup series more times. Miroslav KLOSE was my favorite player, he had awesome skills to hot golden goal. His ball passing talent glorious. Also, Thomas Mueller had powerful technique. Above reasons was select my favorite team.

Upvote and Resteem done.


The Australian Olympic Team.
This team brings together the best of the best to represent Australia, and the whole country gets behind them.
What aussie doesn't want to see them win the gold :)


Real Madrid because there is my favorite player
Cristiano Ronaldo

Utah Jazz. Basketball was my first love. At 5 all I wanted to do was dribble. My mom said I would put in hours in the kitchen. And watching the Jazz was pure happiness. Still remember going to my first game. To this day I’m still a huge fan.

What a simple and potentially very rewarding competition this one is! Very kind of you.

I'm going to have to go with Manchester United Football Club.

I supporting them because my uncle and grandad are fans, and I remember watching the Sunday 3pm game at my grandparents each week as a child. This was back when MUFC were lacking trophies and not looking anything special.

That was until the arrival of 'The King' Eric Cantona, back in 1992. The rest is history.

The mighty reds gave added joy to my school years as they hammered opposition with a style of attacking football I've not seen in the premier league since.

Heading into school fearing the teachers, the bullies, and the zits on your face was made much more bareable knowing your team had won in style at the weekend!

I went to my first game mid way through that season too, but generally brought bad luck when watching live - we 'only' drew that game.


Edit: I'm giving you a Resteem to increase exposure and undoubtedly reduce my chances of winning!

St George Illawarra Dragons

A combination of a historic club with a great record number of consecutive premierships in the 1950s and 1960s, merged with my local club of battlers which I supported in my adolescence and travelled all over the state to see. They broke the drought in 2010 and now are on the rise again for a run at the finals in 2018. Go the Mighty Red V!

NC State basketball.

Because we aren't the best or very consistent, but for a brief moment, we managed to take a bunch of scrubs and beat the best players in the NCAA, some of whom became the best players of basketball in history.

  • Ralph Sampson
  • Akeem Olajuwon
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Sam Perkins
  • Michael Jordan


My favourite team is from the world of rugby, the toughest sport in the world. That's why I give up when I was young and now stand in the terrace with a cold beer. Been supporting the Cardiff blues for over ten years though the good times (not long lived) and the very long poor times. But you still love the team you support. Come on the blues.

I'd have to say the St. Louis Blues. Even when they've topped the entire league in the regular season...they always find a way to not even make it into the Stanley Cup finals...let alone win it. Lol

They're so good at year after year having a great show, build up some have it dashed away.

I still remember from when I was young...the Blues had the best record in hockey, and then got swept in the first round by the San Jose Sharks who were in the playoffs for their first time ever!

Oakland Raiders! John Madden, Lyle Alzado, John Metuzak, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Otis Sistrunk, Ted Hendriks, Lester Hayes, Dave Casper, Cliff Branch, Kenny "the snake" Stabler. Owned by AL Davis. Their Attitude was what the NFL was all about. You knew it was going to be good when the Oakland Raiders were playing in the 1970's. Real Men Wear Black! Oakland Colosseum less than 20 mins away. Never did we say LA they were The Raiders until they came back home to OAKLAND.

They will Always be the "Oakland" Raiders in my Heart! FU... Vegas!


Upvoted & Resteemed!

Here is Bonus Reading on My Fan Thoughts Posted 4 months ago.

I'm a die hard Chicago Bears fan. They suck, but I just love them so much! My family has been season ticket holders for 3 generations. My earliest childhood memories are of my dad & I going to Soldier Field to watch the Bears. They have such a rich history (although not recently), they play for an amazing world class city, they have had some legends (Sayers, Halas, Singletary, Butkus, Urlacher) and I got to see my favorite player of all time on many occasions, Walter Payton! They won the 85 SuperBowl as one of the best teams in the history of the game, they brought us the SuperBowlShuffle and the Monsters of the Midway.

...and if for no other reason, perhaps I should win because we suck and I've suffered watching this garbage roster for the past 20 years (with the exception of a season or two).

"Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down."

Great contest @o07!!!!

I grew up in a racing family at the track so my favorite team is the Ferrari Formula One. Seriously, they are like little fighter jets hauling ass around the courses. The tracks are all amazing and not one awful oval to be seen. The number of spectators is only rivaled by Soccer around the world.

I still dream of driving a F1 car, even if just once.


Because I play in it :)

My favorite sports team is the Chicago Cubs. In my state we do not have a professional baseball team, so I would always hope that the Cubs would have a good season and cheer for the underdogs. Every year they seemed to do poorly or fall short, but these last few years they are killing it!! Upvoted and Resteemed

Houston Dynamo!

Why well 1 because I love Soccer. 2 because they're awesome and in the greatest state in the world (Texas) 3. because you have the crazy influence of Mexicans that support the dynamo hardcore. 4. because you have fanbases like the Texian army. 5. Because no matter how terribly they start off the season they usually pull something from no where and consistently make the playoffs!

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are not my favorite sports team because of the players or past players, it's the memories I have of the games. Growing up in south Florida and going to games with family and later with friends created so many exciting and thrilling memories of fun and good times. I will never forget certain moments like the overtime buzzer beater shot. Or the year that my good friend started dating one of the cheerleaders and we got free tickets all the time.
Growing up as a kid before he passed I went with my great grandfather to a game it is one of the memories of him I will never forget. Later in life I would go with my childhood neighborhood friends after not seeing them for years. That was also a special moment in time and a great game I might add.
So for me its all the memories and not the performance that make the Miami Heat my Favorite Sports Team!
St. Louis cardinals baseball team has always been my number one team. They are notorious for their relief pitching, small ball, stealing bases. Illustrious players such as ozzie smith, albert pujols, mark mcgwire, and stan Musial. I use to busk saxophone outside Busch stadium between 1999-2006. St. Louis cardinal fans are dedicated and loyal and always were good tippers.

This is thoughtful of you @o07

When ever i come across any form of contest, i just have to commend the person that put up such contest because is a means of given back to the community and no matter what, someone will benefit from it.

My Favorite sports team is ARSENAL.

The first thing that attracted me to the team is Their logo.


It was built with heart shape. To me, it implies that they put the love of the team in the center of their heart and anything that is kept at the centerd of heart cannot be easily forgotten or taken for granted so that there won't be heart failure.

The second reason i love the team is because of their entertaining mode of playing while also making their way to the top.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Regards @funkylove


My favorite team is Gençlerbirliği, because they like exercise zone for bigger teams. Gençlerbirliği trains good players and bigger teams take them ( its like mutual relationship).

The Oregon Ducks they are my local college team and have been with them thru the good and bad.



More than a Football Club for me. This is about love.

Has to be the Adelaide Crows.

Growing up in the 90s playing junior footy in Adelaide everyone followed the crows as Port weren't in the AFL at the time. When I played under 8s Tony Modra, Ben Hart and Nigel Smart came to our training session and kicked footys around with us. Can you imagine being 7 and having Godra hang out with you? Been a life long fan ever since. Season ticket holder, go to every home game I can and try to get interstate at least once a year. It's my absolute dream to be at a winning grand final which we were so close to last year :(


I really like to Australian Cricket team coz they have nice technological system for attack against other team. Powerful bowlers and powerful power hitters indeed like as David Warner and Mitchell Marsh. Definitely most popular player to me Captain Steve Smith. He has great technique for the batting. Look at his powerful strength. He has great eye. I'm real Australian Cricket fan.


Hello! I don't follow sports anymore.... When I was younger I watched hockey. My favorite team was the Montreal Canadiens :) I liked them because I am from Canada

My favorite sports team of all time is the 1985 Chicago Bears of the NFL in the US. Yes, they were a dominant defensive team and absolutely romped to the title that year, but I love them because they were led by Jim McMahon, who, when fined by the league for wearing an Adidas headband which was against league rules, followed it up by donning a custom headband the following week with "Rozelle" scribbled on it. Pete Rozelle was the NFL Commissioner at the time, and it was basically a big "F.U." to him from one of sports' all-time heroic anarchist misfits! Jimmy Mac!

League of Legends...TeamSoloMid. lol

South Africa rugby team, a proud manly sport of rugby, where blood sweat and tears have been put down... the springbok, with every power we have lol or had hahahahaha we chased for victory


G'day @o07 my favorite team would have to be my hometown team 'The Brisbane Broncos' and why has a very long story attached. Apart from being a avid fan, and never missing a home game. When I was 8 years old, I had Leukemia. At the time my mum was also an oncology nurse and one of her patients was a man named Mike Cullen. Mike was the under 19's Brisbane & Qld maroon coach. Upon hearing my story he organized some of the players to come to my school and pull me out of class in front of everyone and proceed to play footy with me at my school, then gave me a signed jersey in front of the whole school. I'll never forget that man as he lost his fight with Hodgekins Disease, and one of the last things he did in his life, has made me smile for almost 25years.

That's a pretty cool (and generous) gift! Thanks for the opportunity. For me, Juventus has given me some happiness in the past. Maybe not the best team and sadly protagonist of serious shenanigans but players like Ibrahimovic, Del Piero, or Tevez could be a pleasure to watch.

Detroit Tigers. I have a very vivid memory of laying in the back of the family station wagon as a kid on a camping trip, listening to Ernie Harwell call the Tigers 1984 world series win. So many great memories of that run and that team.

The Philadelphia Phillies are my favorite team, with the Philadelphia Eagles coming in a very close second... I enjoy the longer season of baseball and the fact that a game on TV makes a great background for just about any occasion, but nothing beats going to a baseball game IMO!


Like @phelimint my favourite team is also the Toronto Blue Jays. They weren't always Canada's only professional baseball team but they are now. But the reason I grew up loving baseball and playing all through my younger years was because when I was 4 years old I got to meet the Blue Jays starting third basemen at the time, (Kelly Gruber) at a meet and greet session. I was just a wee little guy at the time and there was a mob of people trying to get a photo and an Autograph from him, but for some reason or another he picked me from the crowd and signed my little league glove. I never used that little league glove again, to this day (28 years later) I still have that glove in a case in my parents house. Amazing how one little act of generosity had such a huge influence on me.

Chelsea football club

Coz i love the blues 💙💙💙💙

You got a new follower from #india . This contest is interesting not only for your simple rules to be eligible but also it's about naming a favourite sports team. Resteemed this interesting contest.

I love sports both watching and playing. My all time favorite sports team is

Real Madrid CF

If you ask me why, I would say the only reason is 2 names. It's Christiano Ronaldo (legend in making) and Zinedine Zidane (legend).

I love man united club so much that anytime they play i enjoy it.

My favorite team is Darmstadt 98, because they have a lovely, small arena, great history and awesome fan support. The atmosphere in this stadium is very special.

My favorite team is Barcelona
because it is my kid's favorite team :-)

Well it looks like I will be the first HOCKEY fan. There's no sport like it. Razor blades strapped to your feet, with a stick in hand locked in a cage shooting a frozen rock at each other. And people wonder why there are fights in hockey. My team the Detroit Red Wings. #LGRW

Ny Mets. Because I can remember as a child going to the games and the fact you never know what you will get.

My favorite sports team is the Green Bay packers because it is the only team in the nation owned by the fans. They literally own stock in the team and it is run like a company. No, one own

My favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. I grew up in northeast Ohio watching Bernie Kosar as my hero. I went through 1995-1999 without a football team after they moved to Baltimore and won a championship. They have been terrible ever since they returned, but I'll keep rooting for them no matter what. If they did ever win a super bowl, it'll be that much sweeter.

thank you sir for your post

Soccer is my favourite.

nice sports post

nice post,thanks

I wish if i could participate but actually i dont have i beg knowladge in Sports team lol

great news.thanks a lot for sharing.
please carry on your task.
i will wait for your next post...



Its been posted a few times here already but I will post it again because its always been my favourite team.

From growing up in central Alberta, Canada hockey always came first and thats what 90% of my friends grew up playing. I instead grew up playing whatever you guys wanna call it!

With the time difference the matches would almost always be on saturday and sunday mornings so I could always grab my croissant of bowl of Fruit Loops and glue my eyes to that screen for the next 90 minutes.

I really got into it when I was about 10-11 and thats when I started watching Henry, the guy was a born striker. Watching the " Invincibles " happen and not loosing a game all season was also incredible I still remember watching the last game of the season with my Henry jersey on.

The other factor I think was 90 % of my footy team mates were Ronaldo an Man united supporters and I just hated it and I think that could have also played a big factor and thats when at the age of 11 I made my first email address with arsenalfc in it haha. The email still lives on with 100s of junk emails coming to it daily.

" We're all for the Arsenaaaal on to victory!!! "

I've been looking at gold and silver for a while but haven't taken the first step yet, maybe this is the opportunity! Thanks for the awesome giveaway @o07! :) Upvoted and resteemed

My favourite team is the UK men's junior rugby team because my brother's on it! So proud of the lad making his dream come true!

Interesting post dear @o07

I couldn't sum it up better than 150 game, 3-time premiership player, club B&F winner and club captain Mike Fitzpatrick;

“It is a state of mind, a system of belief, a way of seeing the world, a deep faith that, because you are Carlton, you belong to something great.”

good post,, i hope you wil win this mach

I have always love the home team but sometimes embaraced to say the Detroit Lions. I just love football season I wait all year for the leafs to start falling that is the best time of year. football every week. We just need to work on our running game and we will be good. What is your favorite team?

My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. What can I say, I am from Wisconsin, enough said.

up-vote bro
follow up please

My favorite team is the washington redskins because

Also because their logo reminds me of my silver indian head rounds.

Go redskins!

Be awesome, Be cool, Be Madrista

I am a big fan of the Real Madrid football team. Actually, on our first day in Madrid we visited their stadium. We had a lot of fun, because the tour was so interactive. I love especially the team from 2007: Zinedin Zidane(who is now the coach), Ronaldo, Iker Casillas. When they we're playing, they won all the trophies, it was amazing to watch them play and because of them I fall in love with football!

Unfortunately, during our trip the football team was playing outside Madrid, so I did not have to opportunity to see a football match, only the stadium! We have also a great Romanian player, who played for Real Madrid, his name is George Hagi.


My favorite sports team is the Cleveland Browns... Why? Because I'm loyal and I enjoy the misery... What's good football look like anyways?

I grew up loving floor hockey at school during PE time. And the new Colorado Avalanche was the big thing, with a recent Stanley Cup win in 1996. This was my team and sport. Having also watch live games of each major sports (expect football: cant afford them tickets:)), I think hockey was the most exciting sport i've been too and loved. Rooting for my home team!

My favorite sports team is the Cleveland Indians! Why, it's just tradition with my family in Ohio. Go Tribe!

Im a basketball fan, though I dont have the gift in that game :(( yet I still love the game of Basketball.
My Favorite team is the MIAMI HEAT. Since 2006, when I started playing basketball and that's because of DWANEWADE. I love the MIAMI HEAT team as much as now their Coach is Fil-Am. Filipino American Coach Erik Spoelstra.
Way back in 2006, When the Heat was able to pull it trough the Championship. The MVP was of course the one and only Mr. Flash Dwayne Wade. As far as I remember, Jason Williams, Walker, Haslem and Shaq was my favorite lineup for HEAT. But the most season I like the HEAT was when LeBron James is on the line up together with Cris Bosh. Every game I feel the excitement, every dunks, every highlights I never miss one. Also the crowd, I think they got the best crowd in NBA during that time. But that doesn't took long, Lebron was out from the Team, Bosh also and so with my Idol-Lodi Dwayne Wade. But my loyalty is still on the HEAT. We have still Dragon, Goran Dragic which I can say an underrated pointguard. The stats he played is far good enough to lead the Team.

Thanks for reading and sorry :D
When it talks about my idols, I got too excited and sometimes carried away hahaha!

I'm one of those people who love playing sports but not so keen on watching. Unless of course they happen to be Stunningly beautiful woman with Raw sex appeal, which brings me to the greatest sport ever invented Womens Beach Volleyball!! And it's soo hard to pick favourites here but I'm going with the Brazilian Olympic Team, because they are the most beautiful thing to watch in the world! image

My favourite team is Machester united fc also known as the Red devils of England.

Machester united fc is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and the most successful club in England and also the richest club England.

I really like this club because of the callibre of players they have and their playing style with the likes of legends 'Paul scholes, Ryan giggs etc and finally they have the best management who tries to keep the club at the top of the other clubs.

Thanks for reading.

United for life ⏫

Discriminating against people who don't watch sports :P

I will say that I'm loyal to the Green Bay Packers. Home state team, even with their ups and downs their usually fun to watch, especially when your roommates a Bears or Vikings fan, hehe. The fact that the people own them makes them awesome in my book :)