Winner Announcement! 5 Troy Ounces Silver Bullion + Shipping RRP $215.00 AUD 👊

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

What's happening?

It's time to award the winner of the silver bullion from the last contest.

Who is my special guest?

It's @henryclarke son of @mattclarke from the #mallsballers crew in Adelaide!

A quick recap of the contest!

A specific quote was needed in your comment to go into the final draw.

How many entries did we have?

We had over 200 comments it was absolutely crazy!

How was the winner decided?

By the shot of a nerf gun from @henryclarke with a list of all the names.

Henry's idea was a great unique way to get the outcome of the winner!

How will the prize be shipped?

I have sent a message to the winners wallet with next steps for shipping.

Who was the lucky winner of the silver?

It was @tbnfl4sun who had his name chosen and Henry says congratulations.

Are you a member of my discord family yet?

Just click here to connect with me @o07 and my crew!

Shout out to my sponsor!

My Steemit page is proudly supported by @mattclarke from Adelaide.

He's pictured below next to me @o07, and part of the #mallsballers crew!


footer 1.gif

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Wow I just got shot with a nerf gun and won! Thank you @henryclarke for shooting me,I am so happy!


Ha Ha I had to resteem this!


Congratulations @tbnfl4sun way to go!


Thanks @markvance, This coin looks so beautiful I cant wait to see it!


He's having a sleepover at grandma's tonight. I'll let him know when he gets home. :)


No worries, let's hope he lands a legendary! #goodkid #youthofsteemit

Good job guys. Congratulations @tbnfl4sun


Thanks man!👊


Thanks for your support!

Congratulations @tbnfl4sun. You've won best reward.


She's an absolute beauty no doubt!

Congratulations @tbnfl4sun it's a beaut 👍 great contest @o07!!


Thanks, the feedback it's great to hear!


Thank you buddy, my luck just took a turn!

Congrats to the winner !


Thanks for the kind words!


Glad to be a part of all this

While pretty excited about the SteemMonster Winners ;)

Nice twist on a contest and hello Henry!

Congrats to @tbnfl4sun!

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Thanks for your support! #keepthegifscoming

Congrats to the winner..


Cheers, it was a really fun way to do the draw!

What a great way to draw the prize! Well done @tbnfl4sun, I think that may be the only time being shot is a good thing :D


Thank's, for this one time getting shot is a good thing!

Congrats @tbnfl4sun , I should have kept my kid's Vulcan Nerf Machine gun.


I know, now I know how to pick the winners, with a nerf gun! Love it!

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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What an awesome Idea for the giveaway... This is purely genius and fun..... #communityandfamilystrong

Congrats Henry!

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Congrats @tbnfl4sun ! Thats a awesome win! Wow!✌💕❤😀


Thank's, I just saw this 18 days later!


Hahaha, you are very welcome! 😜😂

Lol! Great way to choose the winner! Congratulations, @tbnfl4sun!