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My favorite? Grilled venison backstraps, mashed potatoes, some homemade stuffing and a glass of sweet red wine. Why? It makes good turds lmao! I am an avid hunter and the sweetest meat on the deer is the backstraps. The potatoes are just yummy with a good pat of butter and when I say homemade stuffing? Dried bread crumbs (doesn't take long to dry out some bread), minced onion and celery, and some chicken broth. The wine washes it all down nicely.

Slow cooked french onion chicken with risotto or cous cous because its 4 indredients and can feed a 4-6 people easily.

Line bottom of slow cooker with chopped onion. Get a cheap sachet of instant french onion soup powder.
Sprinkle about a third of it ontop of the onion. Add whole chicken ontop.
Empty the rest of the sachet ontop of the chicken.
Cook on high for 4 hours.
Remove chicken.
In the bottom of the slow cooker you now have chickeny french onion soup.
Add rice or cous cous to soak up the moisture and retain the flavour and it will be interspersed with the onion you put on the bottom.
Scrumptious, simple, cheap, feeds many and can be snazzed up more with all sorts of other ingredients. (Thyme, rosemary, potato, mushroom, peas, garlic, tumeric, chilli, curry etc.)

My favorite home cooked meal is called dinosaur casserole. My mother didnt cook growing up but she could add shredded chicken, frozen broccoli and cream of mushroom soup to a 9" Pyrex and sprinkle with cheddar cheese. I invented the name when I was about 5 because The Land Before Time was my favorite movie and I remember the nice dinosaurs only ate treetops. The broccoli in the dish reminded me of trees when I ate / played with my food. My older sister @courtenayrogers still makes it for me sometimes when she's feeling sentimental.

My favorite is actually for when your out camping.
Take a banana and split it down the middle " keeping the peel on". Then spread it open just a little and sprinkle in mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap it up in cooking foil and put it in the coals of the fire. Turning often let set in coals for a total of 10 to 15 min. Now pull from coals unwrap carefully and then enjoy your campfire banana split. You could do this in the oven also. Then why you ask? Lol look.
6-banana-boats.jpg 6eac4e8e2629c940d2ec0bd6c83a9eb5.jpg


This is awesome! I have to try this.

My favorite meal is called "Cheater Korean Beef". It's a shortcut recipe for a classic Korean meal. It makes the whole house smell like Yummy! 20 minutes, super delicious, very easy to make. @ironshield

My favourite Home cooked meal is 'Chilli Con Carne' served with plain rice, grated cheddar, and greek yoghurt on the side!

It's perfect Comfort Food. The way the ingredients interact and get along with each other in a well matched relationship. You have both Contrast of Flavours, and Harmony at the same time. The rich sauce with the plain rice. The Hot spicyness with the cool yoghurt and mellowing cheese. and the way all the ingredients in the sauce accentuate each other and Mingle in agreement. Then you wash it down with a cold beer to cool that wonderful chilli burn! :)


My wife puts it in little, open pie crusts. I call them Malev au vents.
So good. Might have to try them with a dollop of Greek yoghurt on top.

You can’t go past Nonno’s braciola. It’s a rolled piece of beef, stuffed with parsley and garlic. It’s cooked in a tomato pasta sauce for 2-3 hours until it’s falling apart. Nonno sneaks in a nice fatty bit of pork for some extra flavouring.
Nonno makes home made pasta to go with it. The pasta and sauce is served as an entre and the meat is served as the main with salad afterwards.

If I was on death row, this would be my last meal choice.

I live in Spain and there's loads of delicious food available here. We're also really lucky to have plenty of organic produce around. However, it's hard to come by any Asian flavours here, so when I cook at home, I love doing Thai food.

Today, I cooked up a duck and pumpkin curry, chilli aubergines and spicy Thai kohlrabi slaw. It was spicy enough to make us all sweat and there wasn't a scrap left. YUM!

full thai.JPG

Short ribs in the slow-cooker!

I’ve just started doing the slow-cooker thing and it’s amazing. Make sure you salt, dredge and brown your meat first, on all sides, then stick it in cooker. Then bown some onions n garlic in oils and meat juice (pearl onions are great in this dish). Then deglaze pan with some guinness and pour that sweet elixir overtop the ribs, then pour in some more beer, stock, and/or water to almost cover. Hit it with fresh pepper. Drink the rest of your guinness and DON’T OPEN THE LID for 6-8hrs. Potatoes any style and some green peas n butter. My mouth is watering!

And great news! Leftovers are amazing with pasta and parm, or, on a real mexican style taco. And more great news, you feel like a boss for your fam, or friends, and everyone licks their plates clean.


My wife, @amandaclarke does a slow cooked seafood laksa. Slow cookers are magical.


They make magic that’s for sure 😋


Cool! Thanks! That looks delish!

For me I would have to say crumbed beef schnitzel with fresh lemon squeezed over the top. The lemon is the key, you wouldn't think something so simple could taste so good :)

One of my favorites is tater tot casserole. Anything with potatoes is amazing, and tater tots are like the best!

Has to be a solid Spaghetti Bolognese. It's a pretty basic dish but I've always loved it especially when the sauce is home made. Cover it with some glorious parmesan cheese and it's even great to eat the next day.


My dad does a baked cheesy stuffed lasagna noodles. Both my brother and I ask for it each year for our birthday. I eat till I’m sick. Ha ha. I cannot get enough.

@o07 I did UP Vote and Resteemed this Post and Thank You for the Opportunity..................My favorite Homecooked meal would always be Steaks on the BBQ along with STEEMED Vegetables.......See what I did there ??

My favourite home cooked meal is beef biriyani. Because it is so tasty to eat. It contain rice, potato, beef and biriyani masala. Everybody really like this, so you can try it.


Sliced chicken baked in a curry cream sause with broccli and mushrooms covered in cheese and served on rice. Cause its what my mom use to make me on my birthday and its good.
Awesome contest!

Marinated Tri Tip Steak, baked potato, sweet corn and a nice salad.

My favorite home cook food is Chicken Biriyani, it's contain lot of flavor. Flavor of rice mixed with chicken and Indian spices with masala. Original-Chicken-Briyani1.jpg

Well mine is my Nanny's vegetable soup with homemade sour dough bread and homemade butter she made just for the bread. In a way I guess the company was just as much a part of that meal. Sitting down with Nanny and pappa. But that soup was one of a kind. Every ingredient grown from their own garden. Every year they would set out as a team and plow their own ground with their big hats and totally covered in clothes and coveralls to keep the sun off like old timers knew best. The home grown tomatoes, green beans, carrots, cabbage, onions, and peas. With fresh beef straight from the farm. Ground and chuck in it and just the right seasoning that I can never recreate like nanny. Then there's the sourdough bread that she made better then anyone on this planet I swear. I've had sourdough in more places than I can count but not ever came close to Nanny's. If any of you make homemade bread then you know how hard it is. You have to keep this starter I think it's called going all the time that has live yeast that's always working and doing whatever yeast does. So seems like you never went over there when she was messing with that starter. She had this butter that was simple churned from like half and half or something like that that came in a carton and she had a little churner you would just turn the wheel we all played with it and made that butter as kids but you never went over there without having Nanny's vegetable soup and bread. You couldn't come over and not eat she wouldn't allow it. Seems like people just don't eat that way anymore every ingredient straight from the farm and always at the table with no distractions except the food and the conversation. Sure do miss em and sure do miss that bread and soup thanks for the post win loose or draw brought back some awesome memories.

Spinach pie made with swiss chard. I always have swiss chard growing in the garden so it's nice being able to go out and pick it. I've gone through a lot of phases of meals I have liked to eat but this one has always remained one of my favourites.

Mansaf is my favorite food at home, it is the traditional food of Jordan;
Rice with meat and Jameed on top.
I love it because it usually brings people (family, friends, even coworkers,... etc) together to eat.

Uhm, I really love home made pizza. Not just that you know what incredients are used for it but also because you can create your own pizza and be original ❤️

My favorite quick meal reminds me of my dad. It was called S.O.S. (shit on a shingle).

My mom made is with tuna. 1 can of mushroom soup. 1 can of tuna. 1 can of peas. Burnt toast (that's how I like mine). Mix the tuna with the mushroom soup and peas, season to taste, pour over toast, eat. Real quick meal. 😘

My all-time favorite food to cook at home is pizza. No matter the day or the time of the week, my family loves when I make my tasty homemade pizzas. I pluralize because my 12" stone only allows me to make only small pizzas, but it make it more fun since it allows me to make a variety of pizzas for a meal! It's an easy meal to choose as it's a world favorite, but how many people do we know that take the time to make their own when it is so easy to order from a pizzeria? Stretching the dough , the smell of the yeast. It just puts me in a state of zen. That wave of heat from a 550° oven is a wave that has influenced me to experiement with more high heat cooking preperations. But back to pizza. What is not love? The potential for topping possibilities and combinations is near infinite! You could probably eat pizza once a day for a year and never eat the same pizza twice. As a matter of fact, I'm leaving my house once I press post and buying everything to make pizza for dinner, because it is my favorite home cooked meal. Plus, the proof is in the photo. ;-)

My favorite home cooked meal is wheat and vegetable soup with goat meat and dry fish or fresh Titus fish..
It's my favorite because it is an African dish that contains all the nutrients in its right proportion.

Every ingredient is local. The vegetable I prepare is pumpkin leaf locally called ugwu. It contains vitamins.
Vegetables-ugwu and water leaf
Goat meat
Fresh Titus fish
Dry fish
Palm oil

I prefer wheat because it doesn't contain less starch and it's a fiber food. This is because am on a weight loss therapy so starch isn't my thing for now. The vegetable soup has contains vitamin and other minerals, the fish and meat contains protein.
It doesn't take much time to prepare. Vegetable soup can be very easy if you know your way around it.

It's not a heavy meal and I can go for it either for lunch or early super. That's my favorite home cooked meal.

My favourite home cooked meal is Indomie (noodles), Because it's simple to cook. it only takes a while to cook it. cooking is also quite easy, put some fresh water to boil, enter the noodles and seasoning, you can add egg or shrimp into it, you can also add onions or chili if you like spicy.
One more reason why I like this meal, because the noodle is cheap and easy to find in my place (Indonesia)
The sample is like this

My new favorite is one we made for Thanksgiving this year. Brisket slow cooked in the oven in a can of bourbon barrel aged stout. After cooking we reduced the liquid down to a glaze and it was phenomenal. I used bourbon barrel 3 Beans from Sixpoint brewery and it did not disappoint!

Japanese curry.

This was just one of my favorite dish growing up. My mom would simmer the carrots, potatoes, and beef in the Japanese curry mix and it would be tender AF. Gotta get the right curry to rice ratio on your plate and you are golden.

after cooking up some brown rice spaghetti i put some turmeric as it boils some pink salt when i wile cooking that a make saki samin on a separate pan put some olive oil and half and half some fresh cheddar black pepper garlic some other cheeses not much though after they fish starts braking i separate the skin and break the fish it apart into little peaces and make a nice broth and finally after they are both done cooking i put them together and add a little bit of more cheddar and now i have my faverite mac and cheese dinner .

or a corn bread pancake in the morning with some organic honey and syrup

congratulaation bro keep it up !!


Thanks mate :)

My favorite homemade food is Spanish paella, it is very similar to rice with chicken from Peru (my country of origin). Paella has seafood and I love that. I like seafood because it reminds me of the Peruvian ceviche.

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wow interesting....
Congratulation bro


Cheers, make sure you put in a entry!

This contest inspired me to make my favorite dish today.

I have a small family of 3, so meals are small with exception of when I cook my chili. The reason to make such a huge amount is because everyone takes double portions and comes back for more. I make more than enough to guarantee leftovers. Even then, it is gone by the next day. Store bought chili has too many beans, not enough meat, and no fresh onions and tomatoes. I basically take my favorite canned chili and add lots of meat, tomatoes, and onions to it.

I start by slightly sautéing diced onions and slightly cooking fresh diced and canned diced tomatoes.

Put the tomatoes and onions together and add chili powder. This is the base. add a little salt and continue putting chili powder until the base taste just right. Next, add favorite store bought chili.

Cook some high quality lean ground meat and strain. Finally add the cooked meat to the chili and simmer.

My family likes adding rice to the chili. Pictured here with short grain brown rice.

mac n' cheese, you can't go wrong with it, and it's done quick

Favorite home cooked meal is anything cooked when family is together because they key to a home cooked meal is family. But my mom does make a wicked chicken parmesan

My favorite home cooked meal is wheat and vegetable soup with goat meat and dry fish or fresh Titus fish..
It's my favorite because it is an African dish that contains all the nutrients in its right proportion.
I prefer wheat because it doesn't contain less starch and it's a fiber food. This is because am on a weight loss therapy so starch isn't my thing for now. The vegetable soup has contains vitamin and other minerals, the fish and meat contains protein.
It doesn't take much time to prepare. Vegetable soup can be very easy if you know your way around it.

It's not a heavy meal and I can go for it either for lunch or early super. That's my favorite home cooked meal.

My favorite Home Cooked Meal is shredded chicken breast with spicy sauce, black pepper tons of barbecue and sea salt.

Why? well, first I love chicken, but honestly, the neutral flavor of the chicken mixed with spicy sauce and the sweetness of the barbecue plus the strong flavor of the sea salt is a real kick

My favorite Home Cooked Meal is shredded chicken breast with spicy sauce, black pepper tons of barbecue and sea salt.

Why? well, first I love chicken, but honestly, the neutral flavor of the chicken mixed with spicy sauce and the sweetness of the barbecue plus the strong flavor of the sea salt is a real kick.

Amazing ...
I want to try @o07 ...

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!


Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to enter!

My favorite home cooked meal is a type of corn bread called cachapa, it is prepared with this flour especially designed for preparing the cachapas, a cup of milk, an egg, a pinch of sugar, a pinch and of salt. Then you mix (blend) it in a blender. After reaching the desired consistency, pour the blend into a frying pan, make sure the frying pan has been previously heated at a low temperature, cook it until it becomes like a dark yellow/brownish color flip it so that both sides are cooked as well. After that, it is ready, you must add cheese and butter, here we eat it with this cheese that they call "queso de mano" (hand cheese) a soft type of chees, the size of the cachapa. Sorry I did not upload a picture.

Take me :D i m a Security :D haha me 2.jpg

My favourite home cooked family meal is anything I don’t have to cook. Lol 😝

Actually with 2 fussy teens we love wraps with a choice of filling so everyone can build their own.
My favourite is chicken schnitzel with avo , tomato, mixed salad and spicy mango salsa.

My favorite home cooked meal is Mung Bean Curry. I shared my recipe a few months ago :)

This creation is inspired by the cultures who influenced me. It's mix of Vietnamese, Indian, and a smorgasbord of others accurately represent the 98118 neighborhood of Seattle, noted by the census to be the most culturally vast in America in 2008.

It contains almost every nutrient the body needs, is delicious and a true comfort food. Without hear spice it's easy enough for a baby, and the dish calls to you for a bowel of comforting goodness- just ask my boys. They ask me to make it every week, no matter the season :)

How the assessment system, this is a post that makes the spirit.

I'm a big dude and I like tacos. We make tacos from time to time and they are quite good. Tacos al Pastor with homemade salsa.


Because they are fucking tacos! Thats why!


Full Recipe Here

Rice and egg. I like the food because it is easy to cook. #lol

Have you ever been to Indonesia, yes I live in Indonesia, and here a lot of delicious food. But from all the delicious food in Indonesia I just like goat satay. Have you ever tasted it, if you go to Indonesia I advise you to taste it. The process of making is also not too difficult, all we have to do is stab the goat meat on the stick and burn it in the embers until half cooked, and also there are recipes.
Usually sate served with soy sauce, sliced ​​cabbage and tomatoes as a complement. Why I love sate. When I was a kid, I saw people who ate sate, I asked to buy satay to my parents , after that until now I really like sate.

My favourite home cooked meal is called Paluszki, pronounced Pah-loo-sh-kee. It is a Polish meal. We had some just this weekend actually. It's my favourite. My mother always makes it from scratch.

You need to make the dough, but potato dough. So flour, eggs, water, and mashed potatoes. First you need to put the flour in a bowl and create a dip within it, a bowl within a bowl. Then put the water and the eggs. I always forget the proportions though. My mother uses her clean hands to mix the dough until it reaches a specific consistency before adding the mashed potatoes. Then you roll up the dough on a floured table. Mom uses a rolling pin, but not as intensely as when it's regular dough. Then she uses her hands to finish up and roll the dough into long thick "snakes". Paluszki are thick like a thumb (or index, if you have bigger fingers than me).

So once you have your "snakes" of dough, you can cut it up a few inches long, or a couple inches long. And you cook it in boiling water, plopping it in a few at a time.

Once they are cooked, you can fry some butter/Earth balance/margarine and bread crumbs in a pan and then add that to the paluszki, so that they don't stick and it adds just a bit of an extra flavour to them.

Home cooked Polish food from scratch takes a loooong time to make, but damn does it taste gooood :p

My favorite home cook food is Hot Soup rice Noodle with slice fresh fish.

Its a comfy food during a rainy season, when its cold and your crave for something hot like soup. The soup is mixed with fresh tomato to make it more delicious. This food ia good for those whose on diet and wanted to lose some weight.

It’s basic but my dad used to make our family pancakes on the griddle with bacon and eggs. Dad passed a few years ago but I miss those breakfasts together.

Roast Lamb easy with roast potatoes and all the greens. I love carving that up with the electric knife whilst my two biggest fans (my whippet & cavoodle) sit at my feet as nicely and as patiently as you have ever seen dogs be. Amazing how well they can both behave when a lamb bone is up for grabs

Meat Pie

I can make it like a Meat Loaf, just don't need for it to stick together. Of course, I have to limit the amount of juices. Anyway, like meatloaf, I can be creative in how I make it. And like meatloaf and any other tomato based dish, it is even better the next day!

I just got a set of these (1G,5G,10G,20G,1oz,50G

Fried Chicken, 4 cheese macaroni and cheese and hot buttered cornbread. All made from scratch with plenty of seasonings. People KILL for this dish when I make it. People are known to drive 30 minutes in traffic just to get a bite of my cornbread.cornbread.JPG

Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. When you add things like homemade dinner rolls, green beans, and corn it is something everyone can enjoy. This is my favorite meal because we usually have this at times when the whole family gets together. We are able to get a great meal and talk about various things. It is usually reserved for special occasions which makes it that much more special. Thanks for the contest!


Pho. for me, its this vietnamese soup dish. It's a gathering of family meal. Especially when we were all teenagers to young adulthood. The more we grew up the more we all wanted to be elsewhere, but when the phone rings and we hear come home for a pho dinner, we all came home. My family is also a hunting family, so this meal becomes even tastier and better because my parents would use venison as the meat of choice. And the added benefits of it being wild meat, richer, gamey, and leaner is such a kicker to the meal. This is my chicken soup for the soul, my favorite home cooked meal. Nothing beats mom's and dad's home cook meals.

Gazpacho, it's refreshing and quick to make.

Home cooked pizza definitely! It's easy to make, tastes good, leftovers are also quite delicious! Also, if I get bored of making the same type of pizza every week it's easy to change things up! There areso many different combinations that I never get bored!

Traditional food, simple but delicious it feels



by @alex-discord

Flower ylang, as aceh mascot:



So who won the awesome prizes??? I can't contain myself!?!?!


I'm just getting the post together as we speak :)