in steemsilvergold •  9 months ago

Hello steemit, today we have a handpoured piece we got in a trade from Skully.


Look at this bad boy!

The front and rear site are dead on. 😁

Here is his card with weight and purity.

Skully does great work on all his pieces so pull it in to get a close look.

Keep up the great work Skully.

Thanks for checking out this post. 👍🏻




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Beautiful piece!!! Very cool! I love it!

I knew he did detailed work but daaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm

That is sweet! What detail! Thanks for sharing

Hot dam that’s a nice piece. 👍 Skully

If it were a little bigger, I could use it to fake a robbery. Amazing!

Awesome Mr V! Glad you like it my friend and we are loving all the pieces from you and Mrs V, you guys are amazing!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold