Last Chance to get in on the Chiwoo Raffle!

in steemsilvergold •  7 months ago

So we're down to the wire. The Original post went out 6 days ago. That means it is almost time to do a raffle! So far we've only had 10 entries, so if no one else enters all those folks have some REALLY good odds to win. I am running this thing whether we have 10 entries or 25, so sill me a STEEM or SBD and you too could have great odds of winning!

What's up for grabs is the 2018 1oz South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwang. He's one mean warrior looking for a new place to live.

Each ticket is 1 STEEM or SBD and we'll do 25 spots. Raffle will close Friday evening or Saturday Morning. I am traveling for work, so will do the actual draw when I have a few minutes off the conference floor.

Of course I will take care of shipping this bad boy to wherever the winner is located. Although he did not ship to me in a capsule, I believe I have a capsule laying around I can put him in for protection (he doesn't fit in the STEEM Silver Round capsule... just a smidge too big a diameter).

So here we go. Call your shot if you want a specific number, otherwise it'll be dealers choice.

  1. @kouloumos
  2. @ronaldoavelino
  3. @kouloumos
  4. @ronaldoavelino
  5. @ronaldoavelino
  6. @ronaldoavelino
  7. @fat-elvis
  8. @silversaver888
  9. @ronaldoavelino
  10. @kouloumos
  11. @thedamus
  12. @thedamus
  13. @fat-elvis
  14. @thedamus
  15. @thedamus
  16. @summertooth
  17. @fat-elvis
  18. @khamen
  19. @khamen
  20. @khamen
  21. @khamen
  22. @khamen
  23. @kouloumos
  24. @fat-elvis
  25. @ronaldoavelino

Good luck everyone! And Happy Stacking!!

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5 spots for me! I'll take #18-22. Thanks!


Done and done! Goodl Luck to you!

2 more spots Mike. Dealer's choice for numbers.


You got it! Thanks for the resteem! and GL!

One for me, dealers choice. Thanks @mikepm74!


Gotcha in there... but the mail carrier had bad news for me today... :-(


Uh oh, did you leave the spot?

I'll take #1 also


You have it... the rare #1 win play! Good luck!


I saw a dream last night,#1 will win.

The last six to me. Sending the steem.


They are yours! Thanks @ronaldoavelino! Good luck to you!

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