Alt-Metal Gone Wild

OK, so I sold my Rhodium and Palladium a little early...holy smokes they are on fire!


Rhodium hit a new recent high of $3,200 today! Palladium is almost $300 / oz more than Gold! Further evidence that markets can remain irrational for longer than I could imagine.


Not that I think these metals are overvalued compared to all of the fiat that has been printed out there. (Not to mention the printing presses are about to start running again...I'm going long ink right about now.) Quite the opposite, I just think Gold and Silver have a lot of catching up to do...and they will catch up eventually.

As for Platinum...Down here its about as low risk of an entry point and no-brainer as I think you are going to get. Its never been this cheap compared to Gold and especially Palladium.


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1/2 price Pt to Pd is redonk!!!

Redonk a donk...

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