I Rescued A Morgan This Weekend

in steemsilvergold •  last year

A couple new additions to the silver collection. The first is a coin shop purchase. A 2013
Canadian Maple. There were several 2017 Eagles available, but the price on the Maple was
to good to pass on, so for less $ and one more 9, the Maple it was.

It was the 1921 Morgan I was excited about. Nearly a 100 year old coin for a little of melt
value. The condition is exceptional, but this coin was eventually going to a pawn shop or
"We Buy" shop and now it's been rescued.

Keep On Stacking!

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You can't go wrong on Morgans, at near spot.


I agree! At any reasonable price, I will grab them when I can.

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Great post and pickups buddy. I would love to beable to get stuff like that, the oldest thing i have is 32 years. Nice pics and thanks for sharing


I enjoy stacking rounds, but to find a Morgan, actually stumble into it and then get it for $15, was a real find...I tried to at least give the guy a $20, but he insisted on giving me change. Thanks for stopping by!


$15 for a Morgan. Wow, nice job!

nice pick ups. Morgan and peace dollars are among my favorite things to buy when I'm in the US.


I found this Morgan in a yard sale, by chance. I normally walk right by, but they had a small display case, so I stopped. Lucky find and the gentleman said he was going to a place that buys metals, so it's been saved from a melt-down. Thx for stopping!

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Wow awesome coin and great luck saving it. Was a friend getting rid of it or how did you learn about it to save it.

So nice to see people with passion! I have always loved coins, but have never started collecting.


Never too late to start... the #steemsilvergold community minted Steemit silver coins. Come join us and start collecting!


My kids steal all my money 😂 nothing left to spend