A Cameroon Dragon

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My love for dragons continues.

Just received my 2018 Cameroon dragon today!!

It looks beautiful, but I cannot really see the details too clearly...
Minted by Scottsdale mint, it comes in a capsule which is sealed onto a skin board with Scottsdale's logo.

The dragon itself has a lighter and shinier shade to it, making it a little harder to see the details under the capsule.

A closer look from Scottsdale mint's webpage - photo credits to Scottsdale mint:

And this is the back of the coin, which I will never get to see if I do not cut it out from the skin board. I suppose this helps with keeping the air out, and the coin in pristine air-tight condition!!

The Dragon in the center holds the Chinese character "sheng", which means “divine” or “imperial majesty.” The characters in ancient Chinese script (not a modern script) "fu" on the right and "bi" on the left, generally signify “to add” or “to support” respectively. In this case, they refer to the dragon, a well-known symbol of Chinese imperial authority.

Limited to a mintage of 25,000, a fairly low number.

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It is a little confusing design, but as I like dragons I will not complain any more... :=)


Yes, I do find it a little cluttered in its design, but like you, the dragon beckons regardless!

Scottsdale has been putting some pretty great looking rounds lately, this one looks impressive despite the market being flooded with similar Dragon designs.


Yes, Scottsdale have been making great designs. There are many dragons but this one includes a more imperial stamp on it to represent the king, as others typically only include the Chinese character of 'long' for dragon in their coins.

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hiya, beautiful coin! i love the design on this don't think i have seen this before and i love dragons, unfortunately the uk websites i have used so far have a rather limited choice however i shall be looking for this and will definitly be adding it to my treasure in the future, thank you for sharing, hope you have an excellent day, much respect to you


Thank you!! Take your time with collecting/stacking. Enjoy the process!!

Awesome score @khamen and the mint numbers look good too!


Thanks!! Yes, it is a fairly low amount of mintage. Hope that helps the value in the long-run!