There Is No Doubt That #Steemsilvergold Will Be Steemit’s Finest Community – Join Here

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Based on my experience in various gold and silver communities, and the truly innovative platform that Steemit offers, I have not doubt that this will be the finest precious metals community one can find anywhere. Not only that, but it will probably be the finest community here on Steemit :)

Nowhere, are all participants (writers, advisers, curators, newbies, etc.) in the gold and silver world able to benefit, to the extent possible here on this platform. Furthermore, everyone can contribute their knowledge and their experiences according to their ability, and be rewarded for it.

It has the potential of (and is already) bringing together the advantages of known precious metal sites (like, ,, etc.), which provide quality analysis and news, with that of a site like youtube, that has a more community orientated feel, and give more people the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.

Please continue your wonderful support for this initiative, by upvoting and resteeming this post. This will help guarantee the growth and success of #steemsilvergold, to where we are able to realize the great potential.


It is a great pleasure to announce that #steemsilvergold now have 64 members. Thanks to the actions and support of our existing members, we are able to announce the following new members:

@greenstar @kabrink @silverino @silverslayer @grizzman @anothervoice @coolbowser @sminchow @sevinwilson @ajain @tbnfl4sun @goldgoatsnguns @ckz @ronnieramli @hiphoplifer @mittenmetals @gemstoned @silverfuture @harleymechanix @bola @ereandthere @calam

Please make all new members feel welcome by visiting their page and leaving them a note & a vote. Furthermore, ensure that you are following all members (including the new ones).

Join Team #SteemSilverGold

To Join This Community:

1.Follow all the members ( all the members listed below, at the end of the post)
2.Resteem this post.
3.Upvote this post and leave a comment on this post that you want to join
4.Optional, but very important: Do a post about why you are joining this community, and how you will contribute (kind of like an introducemyself). Use the #steemsilvergold
Note: It is very important that this is an active community, so that we stay motivated. Therefore, I thought we should put some effort into joining the community.

Goals of #steemsilvergold:

  1. Encourage members to produce quality content.
  2. Ensure members are rewarded for great content.
  3. Ensure Steemit is a go-to place for precious metals news, analysis and more.
  4. Ensure that the community becomes significant here on Steemit.

We will achieve this if members:

  1. Upvote and Resteem quality content produced by other members (check the list) – regularly check #steemsilvergold and support each other
  2. Grow the community - Invite more members: wales, dolphins and minnows. Furthermore, invite from other forums outside of Steemit.
  3. Continue producing good quality content - We need to really cover the range of needed silver and gold related content: Analysis (fundamental and technical), Advice & Intelligence, News, etc.
    Use the #steemsilvergold when posting, and provide a link to this post, possibly stating that you are a member of this community.
  4. Contribute skills and know-how - There are certain administrative/representative positions that need to be filled: Whale Sponsor, Marketing, possibly a Celebrity Figure and any other we can think of.
    Please nominate yourself, or others, for the other representative positions, or any thing you can contribute to make this community succeed. If you nominate someone outside of the community, then take the initiative and invite him or her yourself.

I am @hgmsilversilver gold and happy to be a member of #steemsilvergold

Full member list:

@hgmsilvergold @blackrussian @lulita @madein-hisimage @tremendospercy @crowe @nolnocluap @missiontothemoon @sanction @buster544 @famcore @stackin @runaway-slave @goldmatters @finkavenue @spicyer @irfo1 @htliao @speckofdust @raybrockman @coldpie @pawos @silverfortune @ozz @stokjockey @rolf.bakker @pearlcore @tylersilver @traderyen @topslim @silverdroneman @jdawg @silvernova @j0hndayt0n @gregmurphy @ewspears @shenanigator @silverbug @jameswhite @locos @hoss403 @nenio @greenstar @kabrink @silverino @silverslayer @grizzman @anothervoice @coolbowser @sminchow @sevinwilson @ajain @tbnfl4sun @goldgoatsnguns @ckz @ronnieramli @hiphoplifer @mittenmetals @gemstoned @silverfuture @harleymechanix @bola @ereandthere @calam



note: pay attention that really everyone follows each other!

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Thanks, much appreciated

Thanks. Glad to have found like minds here! Good times ahead!

Yes guys lets continue to grow this group. I am a trader in gold and mining stocks. Lets try to get more traders here as well as stackers

i have a proposal. what do you think about a periodical statusreport about our members with some additional information?

can you elaborate?

in the beginning a weekly update about who are our members (in alphabetical order) on the left side. on the right side their status - active or not (dead followers). for instance, we can discuss what to do with dead followers after 3 months of inactivity. and more: the price of pm's at the end of the week. most voted, and most discussed post of the week, etc.

excellent idea. it might help with members who are not active or who are not co-operating. we need guidelines or rules as to what would constitute active, inactive or less-active and say "dead". This might be a bit difficult.

should i write one and we can discuss there? give me your blessing :-)

are you on ? if not, you can register there, and then we can discuss. look for silvergold.

I'm in. Thanks hgm

This really is a great group. I have seen the kind of people we have here because I have gone to the blog of everyone on the list looked at their post and left this message. "I am here to up vote and follow in support of the community.#Steemsilvergold "

Done! It does appear that #Steemsilvergold will be Steemit’s finest community. I go to everyone's blog to check their content before following them. It is a fine group of people here.

Thanks. Look forward to all the contributing posts.

pleasure. it should be good.

Great work hgmsilvergold for getting the gold/silver community together

Nice! Working my way thru the list to follow the rest of the community! Lets get this train Steemin!


Thanks, so glad to be a part of this community!

I agree this could be a great community! I want to join!

you are a member already - see list at the end of the post.

just add the tag steemsilvergold Adios

Thx again for your work on putting this together hgm!

my pleasure. this is already a great community, so totally worth it.

If you haven't Register your #whalepower membership , please do so.
( If you have, please disregard this message )
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thanks, much appreciated.

@hgmsilvergold we are definitely off to a great start. We need to keep the big MO going!!

definitely. I trust that the members will continue the great support.

I look forward to contributing to #steemsilvergold

Hi @maneco64, great. please resteem and follow all members at the end of the post. They will follow you back.

Greetings all -
I think I'm following everyone in the group, looking forward to hearing from all of you =)

OK, I am applying for membership to Steemit's FINEST!!!
I'm a SILVER Stacker from way back, since I was a teen!
Following the members now, it will take a while ;)

OK, got the whole list in the post followed... whew!

welcome. watch out for the follow-up post confirming membership.

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I'm psyched to be a part of this group! Look forward to all the great information that is likely to show up here!

it is getting better and better...

I would like to join the group.

I have been buying silver since 2008, when I started researching the Federal Reserve system and listening to Ron Paul podcasts. I have a wide range of coins, and recently got into collecting cannabis silver coins.

We are thinking of having some minted for our new smoke shop in Maine. Wicked Lettuce silver coins :)

Hi @wickedlettuce, great. please upvote and resteem and follow all members at the end of the post. They will follow you back. I will confirm membership in follow-up post.

I followed all members on the list.

Is there really a group, or just a hashtag? It appears to be a good idea without the framework on Steemit to actually build a group.

Resteemed and upvoted! I want to be a part of the steemit silver community!!! I truly love being involved in the silver community on youtube and watching all my favorite channels contents like my friend Silver Fortune. I have met some of the nicest people within this community and as it continues to grow even more, I want to not only stay a part of it but grow with it. I started my own website early this year and spent hundreds on everything for my Silver Stacker's blog. I try to put out the best content that I can and I would love to hear as much feedback as possible. Looking forward to the future and what it may hold for the community on here! :D

Welcome, look out for the follow up post where I will confirm membership.

Gold and silver? Sign me up! Theres not many people to talk to in canada about these subjects. I'll start following the list of people-what a great idea.

welcome, watch out for the follow-up post where membership will be confirmed.

Good idea! Is now following everyone. Would like to participate in this. Upvoted and resteemed.

Followed, upvoted and resteemed...I'm all in!

I am In!!!! Please and thank you!!!! <3. @TremendosPercy

welcome. just make sure you follow everyone on the latest list:
once you are confirmwd in the new report, everyone will follow you.

Is this thread still going? Where the most recent list. Just trying to figure everything out and get involved.

Upvoted and following.

Please add me to #SteemSilverGold.

I'm a newbie silver stacker who mostly posts about politics, with some financial and cryptocurrency posts as well.

welcome. just make sure you follow everyone on the latest list:
once you are confirmwd in the new report, everyone will follow you.

Thanks again.