Quess the coin and win steem (closed)

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Ok this is simple today:

You reply with the name and year of the coin (common name used most of the time; no weight required ).
I will divide 10 steem over the first 5 correct answers with at least 5 steem for the first correct answer.

Deadline: 23 hrs from now

If too hard try this hint for a search:

Good luck

Answer and winners:
The coin is of the Chinese Unicorn serie and year 1996 (proof) and I made a close up of the side of the coin with the chinese creature called a Qilin. It was the 5 yuan coin but that was not asked as the 10 yuan according to me has the same design.


First to answer correctly was Ronaldoavelino and second was Welshstacker.
Dividing 10 steem over the winners with a minimum of 5 for the number one makes 5 steem for Ronaldo and 5 for Welshstacker. On its way and congrats.


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Oh. This may be difficult for me to guess but i guess this is a chinese coin but actually i did not know the year. Maybe 1856

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I saw this post when it first came up. I've been searching Google images for hours..... It's killing me. I will find out what coin it is, any hints?

Ok I have put a hint in the post it self now.

It is a 1996 5 Yuan Unicorn Silver Bullion.

⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Arrrggghhhhh!!!! I've been looking for hours. I find it, come back to see @ronaldoavelino has beaten me to it(but its 10 not 5 yuan ) Lol

Wrong. According to Numista, it is a 5 Yuan coin. If you see the reverse, it shows the number 5.

You learn something new every day 👍

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