Lets do a raffle! Free 2 Enter - Free 2 Win

Do you want one of these beautiful 2017 Bitcoin Silver Rounds!

Here is your 1st opportunity!

Through a collaborative effort of bitcoin enthusiast on BitcoinTalk.org this token was created with a limited mintage. Unfortunately, I have heard conflicting numbers for total mintage - one person said 20,000 and another said only 10,000. There were a total of 4 finishes used; frosted, mirror, frosted+gold, mirror + gold. So the confusion might lay with how much of each finish was produced. The coin in the picture and the one being raffled off, is the mirror finish. Either way they are amazing looking coins that you definitely want added to your collection!

  • 0.999 purity
  • Binary coding breaks down the year to 2017
  • Yearly addition

One lucky Steemian will win this round!

Keep in mind that in order to win something physical you must have a place I can ship to which requires some personal exchange of information

The rules to entry are simple, free, and open to any user of Steemit

#1 - Make a comment saying you want to enter
#2 - Upvote this post
#3 (optional) Resteem this posting for an additional entry

  • There will only be 1 entry per user unless you do the optional resteem in which I will give a 2nd entry.

That's all the requirements! I want to make it easy for any user, new or old, to have the opportunity to win this great collectors piece.

The raffle will take place in 7days when this posting pays out.

I will include all the entries and randomly draw 1 winner - I'm not quite sure on the drawing method, until then I will figure out an option to make the raffle as random as possible, but rest assured, we will have a winner!

I will then make a winners announcement posting and connect with the winner on SteemitChat for mailing information.

In the meantime, I plan to create another posting about this raffle to serve as a reminder along with providing ways to gain additional entries!

I may raffle off more than 1 depending on the community interest/ involvement

~Makin' Steemit Great!~


Worlds #421 Top Bitcoin Fanatic

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I want in gen-e. I love the looks of that ozer! Thanks for playing ball on ssg!


Thanks for running this! Please count me in as an entry!

Wow ! Thats a real Beauty and fantastic collector piece @generation.easy !! A definite 100% upvote and resteem ! Fingers crossed, and thanks for putting on this great contest !👍👍👍💰💰💰

Wow this is an absolutely beautiful coun. It amazes me how intricate and detailed some of these coins can be including the steem coin you posted awhile ago.

I've never collected gold and silver and I probably should've when it dipped about 6 months ago but I may as well start somewhere and this would be amazing to have.

Thanks for the contest @generation.easy and good luck to everyone else entering.


I think you should really look into getting that Steemit round. The new 2018 design is coming and that will only bring more demand for the 2017 series piece.
It's well worth it. I have you entered, good luck

I just one a Steemit solver coin in an auction. I'd love to win this coin too! Thanks for the chance! Or should I say chanses, cuz I'm resteemin'!

Oh, and I use random.org for name draqing and that sort of thing. I number each commenter, of there are 50 commenters I put the numbers 1-50 in random.org and it chooses one randomly... But maybe you already know about it.


nope I didn't know, Thanks! I will probably do that


Glad I could help! :)


This is pretty damn cool! Almost as cool as the Steem coin! Almost! hehe but I am biased!! lol

I would love to snag one of these!


I am biased too. The Steem Coin is on a level all to itself. Pretty excited for the next edition, I hope I can be an early investor and get my hands on a fair share ;)


You’ll be able to! You’re not missing this one!!

I'd be honored to have some crypto silver :)

Nice shiny mint! I'm down for the raffle x2. Thank ya sir!

I want to enter. Into the fancy looking hat I go.

Amazing I have resteem as I know a few people would love to have this coin in their collections. Good luck to everyone that enters!

I want in your raffle. cool coin

I would like to be in. Cool giveaway thanks.

Awesome, I'd love to win!

Nice coin, please put me in the hat!

I definitely want in! I anyways wanted a silver bitcoin.

Thats pretty. I want.

@generation.easy I would like to enter to WIN this Silver Round and I Resteemed this post...................Also UP voted

I would like this please

I want in. Very cool of you to do!

Ooh ooh I want in! Upvote, resteem and thanks for the opportunity 👍😎

I want in too😉

I would like in please. Very nice raffle!

This is a great giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers for this one :)

Enter me in! Whoo hoo! @ironshield

I would like to have this coin so I can wear it on a chain lol jk, I want it because it looks cool!

This post has received a 2.66 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @generation.easy.

Ooo. Entering, upvoting & resteeming. 😃

Now this form of Bitcoin I like, I want in Please.

I want to enter. Nice looking coin.

something random and sharing

Silver - the new gold - please enter me. cheers.
upvoted and re-steemed

Great competition, i would love to enter, count me in thank you.

Woah! I'd love to enter... Keeping my fingers crossed

Pick me, pick me! Upvoted and resteemed! Thank you so much for hosting this!

I have been waiting to hear about an update on these! Count me in please. Resteemed

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

ild love to have this

I would like to enter. It would be great to have one of these coins. Resteemed.

Wow. I want in. That coin looks cool. Very generous of you.

I would like to enter. Resteemed. Thanks a lot for the chance. Those rounds are nice.

I want to enter! Upvoted and resteemed!

Yes i want to enter thank you.

I want it because it's awesome!
Thanks for the opportunity

I'm up for a raffle. Up-voted and resteemed. I hope I will be considered twice for resteeming too.

I want to win!!! Please send me silver my dear, dear friend. Silver makes me quiver and when its stamped with crypto likenesses, I love it even more! I love this contest! I hope who ever wins this cherishes it and stacks it with some other rounds so that it doesn't get lonely at the top!

The Last Sage

I would like

I would like to be in!! Re-Steem completed too!

yearly "edition", I want to enter! Very nice, resteemed.

I want to enter the raffle😁

I'm in! Re-steemed!!

That piece is gorgeous! I love silver. I would like to enter to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

Also, nice blog I have started following you.


I want in! For sure!

Nice shiny mint! I'm down for the raffle x2. Thank ya sir!

I want one! I found this from @thedamus' resteem so I've done the same. Aaaaand you have a new follower 😉

I love the beautiful color silver color

Hello @generation.easy I want enter :) thank you for this opportunity this coin look for amazing I love cryptocurrency and our family this year start stacking silver coins. That could be un excellent addition to our collection. Good luck to everone :)

It looks beautiful. I want it!

That's a pretty sweet looking coin. Entering for a chance to win!

In, please. Resteemed as well! Woohoo!!!

I want to enter the raffle

I have not had time to check my follower feed lately and just came to your blog to let you know that I finally broke down and signed up for an auto-voter. Since you have been a regular supporter I will be adding you to my auto-votes to return the favor... and look what I found! (That is why I prefer to vote manually; to actually see what people write about.)

Anyway, I would be ecstatic to win one of these silver rounds! Up-voted and re-steemed for 2 entries.

I have upvoted! :) Thanks!

Pretty coinssssss 😍

I'd like to participate in the raffle please :)

I love these physical minders of Crypto. Plus the silver makes them an investment representing an investment hehe ☺

I like the design. I would like to own one of these.

wow,,,gold coine

Wow!!! This is very fun .... Success always for you @generation.easy 👌

Follow, upvote, resteemed, and comment for u @generation.easy 👍👍

That's an awesome round! I'm in, upped and resteemed!

I’d love to add that to my tiny stack!!! You’re awesome. Resteeming. : )

Awesome, that thing looks real nice. I'm in

I am in gen -e.
Have a nice day.

보기만 해도 갖고 싶군요.
(비트 코인)

awsome coin! goodluck everyone!

I want in please! Upvoted and resteemed! 👊👍

This is a very happy thing for many people and we always wait for the next post ... 👌👌👌

I love love a shot at this sleek coin. resteemed!

I want it! @generation.easy Thankyou for your rafle!

Amazing coin. I would like one... is contest over ?