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So onto my 3rd installment of coins too nice to scrap. I will continue this blog post when coins fit for purpose appear. Also i am trying the camera on my galaxy s6 edge, any thoughts on image quality welcomes

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1896 silver six pence south africa

This is 2.8g of sterling silver and has the bust of prominent boer leader johannes paul kruger. The engraver otto schultz



1923 50 sen japan

This japanese coin has a sunburst on the obverse and 2 phoenix on the reverse. It is 4.9g of 720 silver.


1874 russian empire

Thia russian silver 20 kopeks has a double headed eagle and crown with the date and is 3.6g of 500 silver.


Carpe noctum

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I think I would have a hard time scrapping any coin of that age that was at all identifiable...

For example, here are a couple of (sorry not silver) coins I have from the early 1800s,
I wonder how they eventually found their way into my pocket?
I don't even know where they are from, or what they are made of...

I think they are from Portugal though I couldn't identify them specifically. Here's one that's close: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces11582.html

Thanks, that looks like a match for the second one. And thank you for that website, it's a good resource.

I should have included something for scale. These two coins are just about the same size as a silver 1oz Canadian Maple leaf .

I know! I have a bunch of old European copper or bronze stuff from the 1800s that's just really cool to look at, and imagine what history (and pockets), these coins have gone through.