Does the why you stack determine the where you keep your treasure?

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Many of us stack for different reasons



One prepares for a Walking Dead like armageddon the other one to diversify and the next person because it is a lifestyle and a hobby.

Others for all those reasons.

If you are stacking consistent for a while, even on a budget you will have quite a treasure of real wealth.

If you are stacking silver you will realize it takes quite up some space.

I assume many of us dont want to have their stack at home. I know I dont. Especially because I am living out of a bagback in Asia.

So where to keep your stack?

The bank vault

The first thought is of course the bank. I "trust" them with my money so why should I not put my stack into their vault?

Looks save enough

Yeah...I can acess my stack if they are open and is not one of my reasons to buy gold and silver to change currency into real money. They are the overlords of currency. In case of an emergency can I get to my metals? 9/11 showed I cannot as many banks were closed.....

If I stack for the doomsday scenario this seems not like a great option.

My own safe


Currently this is not an option for me as I dont have a roof to put the safe under but this I really like.

Of course their are some drawbacks with the initial investement for a good safe, the installment and I make my home more of a "target".

For the target part as long as I can keep my mouth shut I should be fine though.

Pirate style


I burry it. As most of us probably dont have their own Island or a ship to get there we need to look for other options.

We can burry it, if we are lucky enough on our land or on someones we really trust.

It is accessable and no one can come around and take our treasure away.

I like that option as well.

I think the best option is : all of them. As pretty as it is to see the full stack shining, it is saver to take a page out of Biitcoins book and decentralize it.

What do you think? How do you keep your stack save?

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I hide it right behind my porn collection. When they find my collection they will be satisfied enough and probably leave




That would be a great hiding place @dandesign86, but what if the one who finds it likes porn? Oh oh


That’s the goal. If they like it then it will be a good enough treasure


hahahahaha yes, surely yes. ☺️

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

In a cardboard box, labeled , "Not Silver" - that way they will never find it!!




clverness on an impressiv level

My stack isn't as big as yours. So I keep mine under my pillow.


which one? I bet it is the left one!!

I'd keep it under lock and key on my Pirate ship, until then The Bloody Raven keeps the locations a secret in three separate chests. Thanks to my trusty Ace Garrett metal detector and GPS. If Captain Flint had these babies he wouldn't of had his treasure location issues.


You are looking for some recruits?


At #piratesunday we arrrh always Welcomin recruits , veteran, men, women, seafarers and Landlubbers alike t'show what treasure yea got be it El Cazador shipwreck silver or Generic rounds.

Yeah it is a hard decision for sure. I like to not keep it all in one place. Then that way if something happens to some of it, then it won't be a complete loss.


on point!

I think that ... you give me your Stack to keep it, I assure you that your treasure I would keep it very well. 🤣🤣🤣

You also have the option of hiding it underground, although if you get to die while your treasure is buried you will start to go out at night looking for someone to find your treasure and so you can rest in another life. 🤔


Acutally...I think I could trust you with my stack but the picture is not mine


Yes, that's what I realized! but it would be incredible to have one like that!
I think mine is small and I'll just keep it in my back pocket
But I'm glad you trust me
it consoles me

Mannnn, that silver is just beautiful 😎


Not min though....I think it was clear with that source thing...but someday!

Actually how are things I am sry I missed quite a lot of posts of you!


We only have couple of years under $20... may go down to $8 but that’s fine. We have some time 🤑... I took a holiday also and just came back to steemit 😂

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No comment except: DAMN!!! That’s a nice looking table of loot!


Damn...not my stack I thought it was clear with the "source" beneath it...but yeah not my stack...but soon


Piece by piece bro!

i say buy a cheap safe. just enough so that it is some work getting to it. but put nothing in it. hide your stack in a random spot. often best in a place that seems to obvious. a moving brick in the fire place. taped under a shelf. in the bottom of bug part of the bug zapper. in a teddy bear head. haha, i just wanna keep coming up with random places to stash stacks.


with some fake silver maybe in it so they are happy and I am happy they only got fake siler

In a sack full of used diapers is the best place to store silver/gold. I bet no one will go to look in there. @flipstar


hehehe yes while this is true then I would need to carry around a bag of used diapers.

Hello, I am your new follower and this post seems to me interesting, I definitely stay with the last thing you say: "As nice as it is to see the whole stack shine, it is more convenient to take a page out of the Biitcoins book and decentralize it." Grettings from Venezuela.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold