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Hello steemers, Today i want to share with you a package i received today unexpectedly. I usually don't get anything but junk mail over the weekends. This gift 🎁 snuck in on me because they used snail mail to surprise me or to save some money. Either way i'm grateful to get it.
This gift 🎁 came from Acs of ACS Colorado usa's channel on youtube. I watch his live streams and donate to his channel because i enjoy his content. He sells coins, gives info on coins, and has plenty of silver and coin related content.
Acs sent me an older Louisiana Mardi Gras dabloon and a Mercury dime.
Here's the Louisiana Mardi Gras dabloon. It is made of aluiminum and is thrown (tossed) at Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans for Mardi gras. These are pretty common and are cool novelty.
Next is the Mercury dime. The Mercury dime is a 1918-s with a mintage of 19,300,000. It's in a little worn shape but for a one hundred year old coin it's not bad. I bet if it could talk she would have plenty stories to tell.
I really love my gifts🎁 and glad he though of me. Hope you enjoy my gift. Thanks for stopping by and viewing. I am a proud member of the #steemsilvergold and the @ssg-community.
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Surprise gifts are great. That mercury dime is pretty cool and vintage looking. congrats!

Thanks, The Morgan dollar and Mercury dime are my favorite silver coins. From g-ms i'll take them all lol

Good year Merc!!!!

Thanks, i think Merc's are like wine. They only get better with age.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thanks 🚒

Very nice gift. Love those Merc dimes!

Thanks, The best fractional silver on the market.

Wonderful gifts of silver! Congrats!

Thanks, I was so surprised and thankful.

Good to have friends

Thanks, making new ones everyday.

New shiny is always welcomed. Juag letting you know you are my weekly sponsor for @steembasicincome . Need you to nominate someone in my last post. You where nominated by @jbcoin

Thanks, Went to over there and took tare of it.