This is not the end of steem, many more steem silver rounds will be created in the future.

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Hello to the whole community, there are few hours left for the completion of the contest 2019 Steem Silver Round! promoted by @raybrockman, I have participated with 2 designs and I am totally pleased with it but my favorite is actually this and it is for which I come to request your support, my design is based on the nation steem for which forge a shield in the spirit of the community was focused, much more now when the steem goes through a complicated situation and where the fundamental thing is to resist and defend this great nation, that despite the formation of new tribes and ecosystems we are still one.


I've always wanted to give my best to the community because my goal is to be recognized and my designs stand out everywhere, and really @dfinney I regret that my design makes you feel disadvantaged, understand that are hours of dedication and effort those that have led me to those results which I try to perfect every day. I propose this, if the contest is extended another 7 days and your coin is among the finalists I will create the metallic design of your coin so that everyone can make the best decision.

To my friend @welshstacker, I can only wish you luck and win what the community decides, this time I can not support your ideas, not because they are wrong. I just think that this year are not the best option, why? imagine that to win your design to make your series, next year to represent the wind I could not design a bird and the creators would be forced to work under the standards that you place and my nature goes against that. I do not want to end up designing airplanes or windmills just to fulfill the requirements.

the final decision, I leave it in the hands of the community. I leave the link to vote for the design that you like, greetings.

2019 Steem Silver Round!



This message has the support of @steemchurch International Ministry, the community that leads the crusade for freedom through the love of Jesus, freedom of the body, soul and spirit to impact the world. Created on the blockchain steem and expanded to the improved blockchain Telos.

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Steemchurch is a community that establishes social projects in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines, educating and training children, so that they are men and women who change history tomorrow.


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world

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Excellent work and excellent designs @e. God bless the work of your hands @edxserverus

You are too kind!

Your design is amazing. Like whole other level. In fact, all of the designs you make for everything on Steemit showcase that you are incredibly talented! The rest of us just come up with stuff but you have serious artistic skills!


For the record I think you guys are all amazing talents!! Thanks for sharing and good luck all!!

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Wow... Just wow... Great work! Love it!

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Looking forward to the 2019 STeem Silver Round!

You are an amazing artist and designer.

As for the 2020 SSR I already have a few ideas up my sleave and they do not include birds, planes etc. Hahahaha But I totally understand your points.

If your design doesn't win, I still think we should make it because it is such a beautiful looking coin.

Thank you for all you do for this community, your skill are always welcome and I personally thank you for everything you have done for me.

Awesome design Edx. We in Steemchurch are very proud of you and your skills.

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Congratulations @edxserverus. Fantastic design. Well deserved.