Monster Raffle 4 Mail Call from @fat-elvis!

Welcome back to D Wings World everyone and this is another in my series of giant pile of package openings!! Today is a very special one as it has to do with the Monster Raffle 4! In case anyone is not familiar with the monster raffle it is held ever few months to keep the #steemsilvergold community bot up and running and giving fat rewards to our amazing memebers!! We mush thank @raybrockman, @definney, @welshstacker, @senstless, and @knowledge-seeker for all they did behind the scenes for this raffle and our community!! I am sorry if I forgot to name anyone, but don't worry you are not unloved because the whole SSG family comes out in force for these events!! We represent via donations and amazing ticket sales!! So a huge thank you to everyone!!!!!!

Now onto the show! What did I win well it was from that awesome Canadian @fat-elvis!! I will start with what he donated to the cause that I am thrilled to get!! Before we jump into the silver you have to see the sweet way this man sent a note!!

The first silver is a 2013 Year of the Snake half ounce!! I really like the use of frosting in this design because it makes the snake pop out in my opinion!! I am excited to add this to my stack as I don't have any of these coins and I am trying to gain a little more fractional silver in my stack! Something @fat-elvis is all about!! We will get to that a little later lol.

Next up is an amazingly beautiful 2013 half ounce from Fiji!! It is the awesome Taku Turtle! I love the design of this turtle and think it looks stunning in person! Plus, it is more fractional and @fat-elvis was cool enough to send them in capsules to keep them safe!! Thank you for that brother!

Now there was something else in the package and we will be looking at that tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak!!

So again thank you to all the @ssg-community and @fat-elvis. This was a wonderful mail call and its not done so be back here tomorrow to see what else this awesome fellow sent!! As always thank you for all your support and please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply!!


Precious thanks to @silversaver888

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Treasure!!! Nice pickups, add that to your stack. Congrats!

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Treasure indeed!! Some really.nice silver that I most likely would not have gotten for myself. Really cool of @fat-elvis and the bonuses are.amazing too!! Thanks for your support!

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You are so lucky to win all those beautiful fractional silver! I enjoy my fractional coins. Thanks for sharing, @dwingsworld!

I am just lucky to be involved in this awesome community my friend! The silvers just a bonus! Thanks for all your support @silversaver888!!

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Great Silver Adds @dwingsworld. I See You did a Nice Little Request With Some STEEM to TIPU and He Has Not UP Voted Your Post Yet ???

Yea I did not know what the delay was on those types of things. Just figuring it all out

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Normally TIPU Votes Right Away if Your Post is Over 15 Minutes Old....... I Have Not had him Vote on My Post Tonight Either.......

I will keep an eye if it is not there by tomorrow morn I will hit them up.

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Is there a time frame for the upvote?

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Thank you @silverd510!! I Really am happy with them!! Thanks for your support!!

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Oh Wow, extra goodies too. Looks like the prizes are coming out for Show and Tell. Congrats @dwingsworld ,I patiently await mine and time to find my magnifying glass.

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