New Silver Acquisitions!

I hope you all are doing well. It is time for my bi-weekly post of silver! I would post more but the orders can come in only so fast!

Check these out!

Indian Head Incuse
You can tell I've had my grubby hands on this one!
This took forever to come in and I way overpaid
It's still silver though
Cool new piece.
A George!
White Lion of Mortimer looking extra fine!
I like how the shadow on the queen makes it look like she has a fu-man-chu beard!



September 23, 2019... 18.6 Hollywood Time...

Just what have you been smoking eh?


September 24, 2019... 2.9 Hollywood Time...

lol you must have a good dealer


September 24, 2019... 17.0 Hollywood Time...

Hollywood Time!

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Those are fantastic silver pickups, @cryptofuwealth!!! I love that Bullion is accessible to many all over the world that allows ordinary people like you and me to own silver and gold.

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Thanks! Don't let anyone tell you can't can't own something...unless it's people lol

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