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OK Freedom Fighters, the White Paper for the Libertarian Dollar, LBD, has been written and posted: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptocleanse/introducing-a-silver-backed-cryptocurrency-the-libertarian-dollar-lbd-this-is-the-white-paper

Now it is your opportunity to receive 1 LBD, FOR FREE! The first Steemian to comment to this post with a valid SLP token address will receive one free LBD, the first and only silver-backed crypto currency.

We have attained 5 Morgan silver dollars for marketing purposes, we are giving one away, today, on Steem, for free.

For more on the meaning behind the morgan silver dollar click here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptocleanse/introducing-a-silver-backed-cryptocurrency-the-libertarian-dollar-lbd-this-is-the-white-paper

Remember, 1 LBD is not 1 ounce of silver, it is 371.25 grains (24.057g, 0.773 troy ounce) of silver. Every 1.293 LBD the mint sells will be represented by 1 troy ounce of silver in storage.

Below you can see photographs of our morgan silver dollars, Proof of Silver. The LBD program is not allocated so when it comes to redemption you may get anything in our "allowed bullion" list.

This is an exciting day. We are waiting to receive a monster box of American Silver Eagles and some First Majestic rounds so sales of LBD can begin. LBD will only be sold for silver already in possession. Proof of Silver will be provided at regular intervals. Be patient as our business is starting off with baby steps but with major potential that can affect markets worldwide.






My wallet prefixes wallets "simpleledger."


Strange! Eighteen votes before I commented.

Congratulations on making history. The Libertarian Dollar, LBD, SLP Token, the easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and transact in silver. Congratulations on winning our promotional giveaway. One LBD, redeemable in 0.773 oz of physical silver, has been sent and confirmed. This concludes the giveaway, there are no giveaways pending.

Price per LBD: $20.48
LBDs available for sale: 25.86
Silver backing for LBDs on sale: 20 ounces
LBDs in circulation: 1
LBDs in Mint: 7,111,111,110

Yes. I confirm. Thank you. It's actually the first transaction of this token. I feel like Hal Finney.

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