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What is the correct score of the match ?

 How to participate 

(1). You'll firstly upvote the post

(2). Write your correct score with your username
Example, Manchester Utd (1) vs ( 1)Chelsea
fc @ghhggh


(1) you must not attempt twice

(2) if you don't upvote you'll not be given the
(3) make sure you restreem the post

The lucky winner will be given 50 SDB After the Match on 25th feb 2018

Support fans , @surpassinggoogle , @damarth, @peakreal , @steemsecrets



I dont think you have 50sbd to release to the winner...i have checked your wallet and nothing is there...please steemit is not where you can scam people of free upvote...... You will be reported if you do not stick to your words....50sbd

Thanks for this , this is pure scam

Manchester Utd (2) vs ( 1)Chelsea

Manchester United (2) vs (0) Chelsea

Manchester united (0) VS (0) Chelsea fc @aydayodeji

This is amazing

Manchester United 1 Vs Chelsea 2

A lot of good posts, I like it a lot, want a better post like this, and one thing, if you're with me I'll always be with you,

Manchester united (1) vs chelsea (1)

Manchester united(3)-chelsea(2) @hellenna

Manchester united(2) vs chelsea(2) @angellina

Manchester united(2) vs chelsea(3) @salimberry

Manchester(3) vs chelsea(1) @heady

Manchester united(1) vs chelsea(3) @damilola

Manchester united(0) vs chelsea(2) @pinki

Manchester united(1)vs chelsea(1) @yusuf1234

Manchester Utd (2) vs ( 1)Chelsea

Man united 1-chelsea 2

Manchester Utd (2) vs (1)Chelsea fc

Manchester united(1)-chelsea(2) @francismoure

Manchester united(2)-chelsea(2) @yayita

Manchester united(0)-chelsea(3) @pandaria

Manchester Utd (1) vs ( 2)Chelsea
fc @sumsum007

Manchester united 4 - 1 Chelsea @emar17

Manchester United 1 - 1 Chelsea @neifer

Manchester united 0 - 0 Chelsea @onomatopeyas

Manchester United 4 - 2 Chelsea @puppiees

Manchester United 1 - 0 Chelsea @seletotsira

Manchester united(2) vs chelsea(0) @ajrivas93

Manchester United (1) vs Chelsea (2) @bpfalimentos

Manchester United (1) vs Chelsea (1) @jlgc

Manchester Utd (3) vs ( 1)Chelsea fc @mnine3

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Manchester Utd (2) vs ( 2)Chelsea