Most Steem Post Views Come After Payout! #11

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In Steem secret #11, we ask when publishing online how many views come within 24 hours versus how many come later and what impact this has on our posting strategy? Over 80% of my views on YouTube and on my blog posts on Steemit come after 24 hours with the majority happening after 7 days!

Meanwhile, most of us as authors, video producers, bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers get obsessed with the immediate response especially on Steem where we only get payout within 7 days of making a new post. This often blocks us from doing our best work and instead trying to always make whatever gets the most views or reads or opens right away which often minimizes our overall impact. According to my YouTube and Steem statistics, most readers and viewers are reading posts and watching videos much older than 24 hours or even 7 days.

This means the ideal content creation strategy is to aim for evergreen tutorials, videos, posts and podcasts because often it takes months just to get a video on YouTube ranked in search or a blog post showing up in Google organic search.

80% of Views Are After 24 Hours!

For planning video production, for writing blog posts, for making a podcast, this is extremely helpful information to know because it helps us be patient with our results and it helps us optimize, intentionally create posts, videos, podcasts that will be evergreen, that will be available and helpful for years in the future.

That's exactly what I do and I'll show you the inside of this system now where I go after the views that come a year, 2 years or 5 years after I've made a video. I want videos that are good indefinitely as much as possible because that's where the majority of the views are located.

If you’ve seen a lot of the comments on my channel or on my posts from people saying things like, “Oh Jerry, you're such a scammer, you just bought all your fans.”

I don't have to get upset with those comments because I understand what the commenter doesn't understand. I've made a video 24 hours ago, and yes it has 596 views right now.

I have 200,000 subscribers and you might call that video a total failure, a flop, a waste, “Oh my god, you’re such a … Oh, blah, blah, blah.”

You see, I optimize my videos to get a lot of views in the long term. If you scroll down, you can see my videos probably get a few hundred to a thousand or couple thousand views on each video within the first 24 hours, but then most of my videos continue to get the majority of the views going forward from there.

I made this cryptocurrency price prediction video last week or maybe it was this week, and it's got 11,000 views so far.

If I scroll back to find the previous video, that video is performing just about how the last one did and it has 86,000 views now.

I make videos that are aimed to get lots of views after 24 hours, especially things like tutorial videos. You might notice a lot of my videos don't immediately get many views right away, but if you go back you'll see some of these videos have a ton of views on them.

Here’s one with 7,500 views and a lot of these videos can just keep getting more and more views.

This video got a couple of thousand views the first few days and it continues to get more and more views.

I do my videos with the intent to just pick up views for at least a few months on many videos if not years.

This "What Do I Do Everyday" video has got 13,000 views. Now you might see that on a lot of the Happier People podcast videos I don't immediately get views, but those are good theoretically for the rest of my life.

If I continue scrolling down, lots of these videos just get a few thousand views, but some of them continue to pick more and more views up over time.

Now, if I go and show the very highest videos I have on my channel, these still continue to get lots of views today. I have this one video with 3.2 million views that I filmed in 2015, another one with 1.24 million views.

This League of Legends video, even though if I quit playing League of Legends and I haven't played in almost a year, this video still continues to get more views.

Then I have AdWords tutorials, Linux tutorials, that just continue to pour more and more views.

This "Ethereum mining" video I did just continues to get views. Even though it only got a few thousand views in the first 24 hours, it's now got several hundred thousand views after it's been uploaded about four months ago, it continues to just pick more and more views up.

The Facebook marketing tutorials that I do continue to just pick more views up. Here's one, "Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial," that I did almost a year ago and at the time it didn't get very many views, now it's got 147,000 views.

This applies also for posting on Steem. This is how I plan out everything I do. Let's have a look at my Steemit account.

A lot of us obsess about the payouts on Steem that all come within seven days, and most of the votes come within the first 24 to 48 hours.

It's easy to obsess over how much money a post is earning, but the real long term opportunity is to get views on the posts.

This is a post I made three days ago, and it has 1,613 views.

Now, I might even consider that a failure if I didn't look at it in the long picture.

Here's the same post format I did last month, this post has 25,000 views on it.

This is the "Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for September 2017" post compared to the "Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October 2017!" post.

The idea is, I write posts that will pick a lot of views over the long term. I write posts that when users are googling, then my posts get found.

This allows me to essentially pull in ridiculous amounts of traffic when I keep doing this strategy over and over again.

The problem we have as content creators though, for the first several years in my business as you can see, my first video that has a lot of views is from 2015. Now, I was in business in 2011, and most of us get stuck in this constant trap.

We get stuck in this trap of trying to get the most views after just 24 hours right after we made something, and then we quickly forget, after that we don't even check it often.

I wrote another post like the one I showed earlier on Steem and it's up to I think about 40,000 views. I didn't even realize that it got all these views because I had to go back and manually check the post on Steem.

On YouTube, the same thing happens. If I show you my analytics right here, the videos that are getting the most watched time and the most views often are not new videos, these are older videos.

The most watched time is the video I made last month, it's got the most views.

Then, the second most watched time is the video I made a year and a half ago. The third one is a video I made last month. The fourth one is a video I made two years ago, then four months ago, almost a year ago and after that several months ago. These are the top videos on my channel.

Nearly almost every top video on my channel, most of the ones getting the most views are at least a month if not several months old. The problem a lot of us get into is we get trapped in this constant thing of wanting that immediate positive reinforcement.

We’ve got to have views right away and if it doesn't go viral right away we just forget about it.

For the first four years of my business, I was trapped in this mindset and I kept focusing on things that were not going to be helpful like I'd talk about some recent new story.

The thing is when you focus all the time on just today in terms of doing work without thinking, "How is this going to help someone in a year, or 2 years, or 3 years?" then it's hard to build a following, it’s hard to get the automatic traffic, it’s hard to get the ball rolling.

This is one big positive reinforcement loop. The more I make videos that get a lot of views over the long term, the easier it is to get those 24 hour views on my videos. Most of the watched time I get on my videos are from older videos and the videos I do today are designed to pick that watched time up the same way, to pick that watch time up over the long term.

Some channels do really well with getting a lot of views right away, but get almost no views after that first 24 hours. The key is to get videos that continue to get views indefinitely.

For example, I did this Bittrex tutorial four months ago and still within the last month, it's got 17,000 views.

What I aim is for just tutorials like this now as much as possible. The more I've seen this data, the more I try to optimize to just do more and more videos like this.

You'll see most of the things I create are aimed at long term views because this is essentially a luxury that most people with an established business get to do. Most of us hustle so much when we try to start a business and grow followers. We don't have the patience to aim for those really big long term successes.

I hope that in sharing this with you wherever you are at today, you can just start aiming at the same thing because this is the most powerful way to build a following over time, to make things like tutorial videos, to make posts on Steemit that have information that's really valuable.

Even within a few days, thousands of people are finding these posts on Google. Then give it a month and there are tens of thousands views.

This is the very best method, a huge power tip that works for me to get way more views.

If you see haters commenting about how little the views are in the first 24 hours, all you know then is that this knowledge is not there, and it's hard to hate someone when you can understand what piece of the puzzle the person is missing essentially.

I guide most of my videos towards long term usefulness rather than immediate watch time!

I hope this tip has been helpful for you.

I love you.

You're awesome and I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you very much for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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sooo.. can we still get paid for those up-votes? :D

if you propose the change, you will have my witness vote!


Get paid for which upvotes?


I think @nocmt is referring to upvotes on "expired" posts (7+ days old). It would be encouraging if curation rewards were given for old and even "ancient" posts.


I think he meant the upvotes that we get after 7 days ! Because we create the content forever but we get paid just for 7 days, is that fair ?

You make excellent points in your post, here. You are right about your posts holding their appeal. I came to Steemit because of a link to a post I saw of yours in a google search.
Never worry about negative comments. Nine times out of 10, a negative post is a reflection of the poster, not the person to whom it is directed. Posters who take time out of their day to direct their own negativity at you are just jealous of your success. Their energy would be better spent in creating something worthwhile of their own.
Instant affirmation simply isn't realistic. This site is global. Some of your most loyal fans are probably asleep. It kind of makes a nonsense of the upvote rules with respect to the value of timing.
With so many users currently, it takes a while to separate the wheat from the chaff to uncover the nuggets of wisdom that we really want to read.
Cheers and happy Steeming


Katy thank you very much for demonstrating so clearly what I hoped to share here in the power of writing on Steemit to bring in readers, followers, comments, and earnings from Google search! What I love about every comment is that it helps the search engine ranking also!

Their energy would be better spent in creating something worthwhile of their own.

Yes and what an honor to have the energy directed at helping me!


Thank you, Jerry, for replying to my comment on your post, and upvoting. I follow you because you make a lot of sense and your posts are really helpful in being clear and easy to understand, as well as really informative on the topics they address. In other words, you know your stuff, and who wouldn't follow an expert in the field? Thank you for your good work :)


Sir how i can get upvotes . can you tell me secret of getting votes please. i shall be thankful to you Jerrybanfield


All of our work here is a long-term investment in gaining followers. As they trickle in, you can never be too sure where they came from.

Short-term thinking is usually a poor strategy.

I think a post payout should not be limited for 7 days
This can be unfortunate for posts which have the possibility to retrend upon certain events


Agree. Jerry makes very good posts. It's pretty stupid limitation.


it's not only about Jerry, it looks like you are obsessed with the man.. hahahaha


maybe an additional reward system can be implemented after 7 days?

  1. reward for number of views from search/social on a post and possibly resulting sign ups to steemit
  2. steemit users sharing old posts on social media with amount based the number of followers on social like steem power.



Steemit/DTube needs to get advertiser monetization, this would be on-going and solve the limited window for payout. It could then payout based on ad views.

Really, the concept of funding posts through inflation is kind of a flawed economic model if we use history and economics as a gauge. Would be better to fund posts based on the economic value of the post which is what ad revenue achieves, as opposed to diluting currency holders.


it shouldn't go as high, and it wouldn't, maybe using the dividing strategy, and cut the income in half after the first 7 days.. and the afterword 7 days cut again in half and so on.. i think that would be fair and safe


I am certainly not an expert on crypto-currencies. In fact, I am a raw novice. But here's the way I understand it: Crypto-currencies are not created out of thin air like the fiat currencies issued by our central banks may be. Rather, valid crypto-currencies require a corresponding amount of "work" to be acquired or "mined." The work required to "mine" Steem comes in the form of creation, curation, and commentary. That work produces a work product, although it is arguably of variable value.

If new issues of gold-backed currency are backed by corresponding new gold reserves, then inflation does not result. Correspondingly, if new issues of work-backed currency are backed by equivalent new work, then inflation should not occur.

The above thinking very much supports Jerry's call for more permanency in our currency. If the value of our work goes poof after seven days, then doesn't the backing for our currency go with it? We need our work product to have a long term, if not a permanent, value in order to consider that work product as a valid backing for our currency.

If a year from now the total value of our collective creation, curation, and commentary is 20 times what it is now, then a year from now, we should be able to have 20 times as much currency "in circulation" without inflation.

If I am wrong about any of the above, I am asking y'all to help me to understand it better.

This is valuable information Jerry.
I wonder if the Steemit team should consider looking into this.
I mean I know it has been discussed before about content creators having in the possibility to earn from past posts. I dont how how it could work but it is clear from these statistics that there is still earning potential from past posts. Perhaps it could be a so that a post that is over 6 months old could be reposted.
I think it is worth discussing at least.
You do an amazing job n here Jerry.

Thank you wonderful work Jerry you know the old video you made on youtubeis amazing, I wish I have knew you before, Knowledge is what I cherish the most

I have added your above video to a few of my YouTube video playlists including Arch Misc 170429.

This is a playlist of miscellaneous YouTube videos especially selected for Arch. If you are anything like Arch (Bless your heart!), you might like them too.

Performers and personalities include: Jake Paul, Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Banfield, OldAlabamaGardener, Red Skelton, Rolling Stones, Sarah M. Jordan, Sweet Brown, and more.

Jerry, thank you so much for this break down.

I have been considering for a while now that the steem payout system isn't quite the right way to incentivize good long-term content. But it is a start and we are having fun!

I continually have to remind myself that I blog for myself, not for others, and not for upvotes. Its just that the crypto-rewards are so nice we can sometimes forget.


With considering long term content, the 7 day payout is definitely not ideal compared to YouTube for example which has ad revenue for all views the entire way. At the same time, I am not sure what kind of simple fix we could apply to allow upvotes on older posts also?

What I have noticed both as a reader and author that when I find a post I love that is older, I often will instead vote the newer posts up by that author. While this makes it confusing in terms of "why did my post about this get so many upvotes while others got less" the system is functioning to reward posts created a long time ago by getting new upvotes today. I often set authors on @steemvoter after finding much older posts I love to reward ongoing creation.


maybe a good way to go would be as @ecoinstant says to turn older posts into a faucet. But don't look at te upvotes anymore, but look at the views in stead.


I completely agree with your comment above, @ecoinstant. Out of millions of websites on the web, Steemit is currently ranked at 2,128 globally as per Alexa, and 1,458 in the US. This means that Steemit's power to pull in traffic is much more than many others in various niches. Inferring from Jerry's post, a blogger in the gardening niche, for example, has much higher chances of having his content seen on his blog on Steemit, than if it were on his own domain.

If you have good content in your niche, over the long term you will have many more followers by virtue of your content being posted on Steemit. So the "payout" could be considered in the form of having more followers over the long term, rather than the SBD and Steem payouts that are icing and cherry on top of the cake!


How about allowing the poster to set a 7-30 day slider for payout? What do you think? Would that work well?


To that I can only speculate, but knowing something about incentives I would suspect that if we want to incentivize more content like Jerry suggests, long-term useful information, old posts would need to become something like a faucet, they won't pay much but can still generate something for the author.


This strikes me as something of an argument for NOT posting on Steemit? I have the same thing as you on YouTube with my Wordpress blog - my hit rate and thus my advertising revenue keeps going up and up because of posts I wrote months or years ago.

Given that, why should I post on Steemit knowing that I will only get rewarded in the first 7 days? There is no comparable incentive, hence why I have a different posting strategy here to over on sites where I get a slow-burn reward, which certainly has its advantages....not least for my mental health.


With over 500 posts on my blog and ad revenue increasing as well as organic traffic, I switched to posting on Steemit because the Google organic search ranking is WAY higher here by default. When I consider posting for the next several years here or on my blog, posting on Steemit is 10 times better because of the Google ranking, possibility of immediate rewards, and greater likelihood of social sharing.

Within two months on Steemit, my posts were getting nearly double the traffic from Google that years of combined work on my blog took to get. Even with $0 in rewards, Steemit is a better option to get readers. As the price of Steem grows and more users sign up, even $1 in rewards today is likely to equal $10 or $100 worth of Steem in a few years.

Steemit is the best option for the majority of bloggers in the world with one of the main reasons to avoid Steemit being lack of total control.


OK - Thanks for that detailed reply, that does make sense.

One thing I don't get though is why is 'the Google organic search ranking for Steemit posts way higher by default'? I don't understand why that would be the case?

On the 'lack of total control' thing - I really need to be able to update my posts year on year with my other blog - it's educational, and just for user functionality I need to be able to add in links to contemporary news items.

Steemit has its uses though, I think for personal posts, just not professional use for me! But hey, for monetizing 'myself' it's the best option for sure.


Do you find that certain days of the week or time of day are better for posting on Steemit?


This perspective doesn't take into account how much influence posts older than 7 days have on one's likelyhood of voting on a poster's newer content though.

For example, I first read Jerry's work in a crazy old post on a topic I did a search for, and immediately upvoted newer content of his that I found interesting, directly afterwards.

So the first post did have a payout long after a week had passed, just indirectly...


It's true, the 7 day character of Steemit is a short window... i guess i need to revisit the reasoning of why it was created like that.


It would be interesting to know, it doesn't make much sense... it must have something to do with the complexities of blockchain, peer to peer allocation, inflation and probably a whole load of other things.


Cool guys, so let's work together on this. Like I said I'm trying to get attention for this also and was looking for hosting content like music and video on #Decent or any other platform where there is either

  1. more time or,
  2. people can reactivate the time window by resteeming or something similar like linking to your music or videos so that they can earn curation awards and you additional author awards.

Valuable content should always be appreciated whatever the age of the post. For steemit, since it produces blocks based on periods and simplicity, it has implemented complex algorithm for this issue. I think developers and users should brainstorm a strategy to appreciate (upvote) old but gold post.

Thank you @jerrybanfield for this tutorial and blog post!


good stuff jerry keep it going i wil ad you as a friend and like your stuf weekly

Two years ago today, I was called into a meeting at 3pm with my VP, the day after I returned from a 17 day European vacation.

In that meeting, I was laid off along with others on my team.

The next morning, I woke up and listened to Eminem's Lose Yourself as I laid in bed. I literally had tears streaming down my face because I knew what I had to do.

I was going to give entrepreneurship a shot.

Over the next three months I was offered three different Director of Marketing jobs at well known and funded Silicon Valley startups, one of which wanted to pay me a quarter of a million dollars per year.

I turned them all down because I knew what I had to do.

It's been two years.

In that time I've driven millions of new visits and dollars to my consulting clients, sent over $6,000,000 of work to agencies and consultants on Credo, and generated over half a million dollars in revenue for my own company.

September 28th every year I am reminded - do what scares you but is in your heart to do.

I knew that if I took a full time job, even a very well paid one, I'd be miserable. I had to work for myself, or at least fail trying.

Push forward. When a door slams shut, find a window. When that window closes, look for a trap door.

You always have a choice.

Be true to yourself.


Very inspiring story!

Exactly! I agree with you. I have seen so many of votes after payout. Even the comments are the same. You have clean vision for this platorm. Always point out little things which makes so difference. Thank you for your kind information always. Takecare. Have a good time ahead 😍


Steemit needs to find a way to reward authors for the long term.

Another great and educational post, Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing the secrets...

Interesting. This insight makes me want to make more evergreen tutorials, rather than more 'current' videos.

awesome post :)

Why read/view when all you need is a well timed UpGoat?

Excellent work the revealing a theme! Looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Nice Post ..
But I don't Get Views !!

that the payouts end before most people see the contect ist obvious. I would support a way to solve this - because as user its also suboptimal if you cant vote for the contect you enjoy - just because you missed the seven days.

thnx jerryy,,, i am learning everyday about steemit from you

Hi, Jerry. I'm dachshund from Korea. I've read through your blog posts and worth spreading, so I'm going to select some of your posting and translate them into Korean, is it okay to do so?? In regards to your posting, the views goes up over time, but the rewards only count on the 7day period of upvotes, right?? I hope to find other valuable postings as well and make them read by lot more viewers. My target reader is Korean.

Odd assessment. Why do you think majority of views post-24hrs?


Post 24 hours is infinity hours while pre 24 hours is only 24 hours

Hey Jerry I tried to solve this problem by hosting content off Steem like on #Decent which is another Graphene blockchain. I'm going to interview the CEO of Decent since it has been difficult to get him to speak on the #BeyondBitcoin #Whaletank maybe you could chip in with some good questions? I think best would be to solve this within the community. Maybe we cab show how great we are at being decentralized!

Quality posts often get lost in piles of mediocrity: comments on weather, minor current events, celebrity gossip and the like.

In the short time I've been on Steemit, I've already discovered some great posts that have passed their sell-by date.

There should be a double payout: once after 7 days, and again after, say, one and maybe even three or four years, to encourage people who make lasting contributions.

Oh my GOD he finally replied me :) thank you Jerry :)
I think someone please tell him that I have one question to ask him since many days on this post.

Upvoted you

Keep us posted with good stuffs. Keep sharing some of your secrets and techniques on steemit. Thumbs up! @jerrybanfield

Thanks jerry for dour helpful tips.
I like to watch your videos

Hey Jerry
Do You ever sleep ?? :D

An insightful post.
The youtube and steemit traffic fluctuations is also due to the fact that it is a growing network. When people want to learn more about steemit, they google and search it on youtube.
Many of the steemians, found your $503 dollars a day video on the top of our list along with @trevonjames.

Dont let those comments get you. You are a "pro." You know what you are doing!!! I hope you have time to give us your experience as an adsense professional, which I think most of your earning comes from. Keep it up! I enjoy reading your article or watching your videos. Many people don't understand that when a professional like you says "views" it means "somebody will be paying me" one way or the other (by referring to programs or by making content). Steemit is not the only program that pays. And the most important line is: if your coments are lasting, and they keep being read, you will be getting more money because internet is viral. So, Jerry is a very smart person because right now he is offering a tutorial, but at the same time he is promoting all his top videos, so if we have not seen them, we can go and find them and at the same time, this keeps giving views to his videos. And the more views, the more money an online professional could get. Thank you Jerry for all the time and energy you put into this. And to compare Jerry's work to other people, let me say this: I started online two years previous to him, and I dont dare to do what he is doing because it is a lot of work and hours. So, his job as a person that gives quality content to the search engines is EXCELLENT and we should not pay attention to those negative comments. And let's say this: Steemit is not the only way to earn some money, when you are doing the right things and you know how to do it.

Two years ago today, I was called into a meeting at 3pm with my VP, the day after I returned from a 17 day European vacation.

In that meeting, I was laid off along with others on my team.

The next morning, I woke up and listened to Eminem's Lose Yourself as I laid in bed. I literally had tears streaming down my face because I knew what I had to do.

I was going to give entrepreneurship a shot.

Over the next three months I was offered three different Director of Marketing jobs at well known and funded Silicon Valley startups, one of which wanted to pay me a quarter of a million dollars per year.

I turned them all down because I knew what I had to do.

It's been two years.

In that time I've driven millions of new visits and dollars to my consulting clients, sent over $6,000,000 of work to agencies and consultants on Credo, and generated over half a million dollars in revenue for my own company.

September 28th every year I am reminded - do what scares you but is in your heart to do.

I knew that if I took a full time job, even a very well paid one, I'd be miserable. I had to work for myself, or at least fail trying.

Push forward. When a door slams shut, find a window. When that window closes, look for a trap door.

You always have a choice.

Be true to yourself.

good read, thank you for sharing

Good nice video steemit uplode thank you my votejerrybanfield

Jerry is one of the few guys i know on steemit that posts long blog posts but thats not bad. 🤓

As usual your post gives boost to subscribers

I have read that the previous author rewards system encourged people more to post for the long term. Steemit has been through many changes and I found this written by the user @shenanigator, who summarized the FAQ 8 months ago.

Nearly all first payouts occur within 48 hours of posting. If you get at least $0.01 of upvotes after the first payout, you will receive a second payout four weeks later.

I kinda like the idea that the rewards were split into two periods. Maybe to increase long term thinking like the Powering Down system, steemit could apply this also for posting.

@jerrybanfield very useful this information, thank you.

Nice post 👌

Good job Jerry!!!

Love it thanks!!

EDIT: WAIT. You played League, who did you main?

Thank you Jerry for making it clear that instant gratification isn't the way to go. I feel now that posts with timeless information and resources will not only help others more effectively down the line, but will eventually help me get more viewers in general later on.

Focusing on what's happening in the moment is impprtant, but there's a lot more than being relevant that goes into YouTube, or Steemit altogether.

Much love,


You make a very nice point. We tend to forget that everything (in most cases) we post stays on the internet for a long time, and a lot of subjects don't come with an "expiration date". Really good posts with well-researched facts can stay relevant indefinitely, even for historical research.

Thank for sharing. Accurate data analysis. Steemit continues to provide the best for its users.

I am impressed wirh what i read

Then i was totally right to follow you

We need more of this

Hi steemit friends
Follow me @classypalani and
Like me ah post friends

It's always pleasure to go through yours texts & keep going with it ahead. 👍

Patience and perseverance comes to mind, rushing into things you tend to drop them or chase the next silver lining.

This is a good lesson for all to learn, did not realize how long you have been on YouTube - keep going and well done.

@jerrybanfield ,You did a great job on this community bro,from youtube sensation to steemit most popular person..

What an awesome person..

@jerrybanfield this is amazing information. I would not think that with logic. Normaly we tend to think that posts need to be read within the first hour or few hours. Thanks for sharing this strategy! Just Upvoted. @gold84

By the way, I mentioned you in my latest post about the Value of Tokens, and how STEEM token has a value for the network: your ideas or comment with links to any of your great videos or posts that talk about his will be great appreciated. Thanks!

Magnifico que hicieras un vídeo en español


Those are pretty interesting numbers. I was under the impression that most of the views and comments came within the first day... at max within the first 3 days. I figured that after that the post or video would be to far down in people's feeds for them to even see it much less UV or view it. No wonder I'm a minnow lol

Good and valid point raised.

Does this also mean that more than content it's the subject/ header that needs to be top notch to get attention followed by content to get an upvote.

Once it goes down the list of posts then you are totally on your own

You are a lucky guy @jerrybanfield ;)

hats off to this guy

You are rocking it Jerry! Keep it up!

At the end of the day it's the quality content. You may get views after the 7 day pay period or not many views vs the sub count you have under 24hrs.

But people sleep,work or have a life. Not everyone watches you tube every hour.
Plus older posts can attract new followers/subs because of the content you posted days weeks or months ago. It's not just about views but the new people you attract and quality you put in your videos. Which you do so you're fine Jerry. Keep doing you brother.

So maybe a second round of 30 days for payouts?!??! I think that's how it was when i started!!! Posts were 'live' for 24 hours then had 30 day payouts. Maybe this should be reinstated..?!?! I like the 7 day payouts much more than 24 hrs though i must say..

Good insight because I am getting a lot of upvotes with steemfollower but no views. I want both and I have to learn how to get views most importantly.

Yes @jerrybanfield
The best job will last a long time,
But sometimes, works that we consider very good, but less good for humans, and vice versa, works that we consider ordinary, even considered great by humans, it is relative, according to the taste of people.
you have done your best, and I like that.


At the end of the days views are nothing more than endless numbers.

Jerry you must ask yourself first before you release a video or a written post how will it relate to your audience?

1)What are you going to make them do?

2)Make them feel?

3)Make them think?

After they watch a video or a written post you have just uploaded.

very good information, thanks

Hi Jerry! It was a pleasure to read through your post. We are going on around the world trip next year with no time limit and we are planning try and solve some environmental problems by cleaning beaches, natural parks and so on, by doing it our selves and gathering locals that would be paid for help, but because every post on steemit has only 7 days payout period, it seems that it won't be possible to sustain that kind of activity with help of steemit commmunity and it's a shame. So many great deeds would be possible through financing by simple upvotes. Make a guess how a popularity of this platform would grow, if activity like that would become a trend and it would go in mass media. We would be grateful to hear your opinion about those kind of activities and how to make it happen with help of steemit community.
Best Regards,

Yet another great post by the Wizard of Steemit, @jerrybanfield. I've only had one post make any money (like $41.00), in my 17 days here, but I'm patient. I posted it at like 1:30 am, and it got nearly every vote in the first few hours. Then I saw a post that said you're better off posting at about 2 pm Eastern (I think). I guess if I'm not making anything it doesn't matter when I post. lol I'll keep chugging along with my pathetic 33 SP. haha It's more than I had when I started though. ;-) Now if Steem would just go to about $100,000.00.

I am a great fan of your youtube channel...
And always try to attention give attention your video and channnel.
Your all post help me to learn more about steemit.

Always coming with good info. Yeah that's true and if Your content resist the time and keep gwtting views in the long term all Your social networks will benefit because people will tend to look you up in other social network that wasn't the first one where they saw the original post/upload.

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Great ideas, it definitely is hard to think long-term, because everything internet related seems to be here and now and changing rapidly. I'm quite ignorant about how search engines really work but your fact that "it takes months just to get a video on YouTube ... showing up in Google organic search", quite interesting. But overall on Steemit there is the incentive for grabbing immediate attention, because of the 7 day payout window.

Having quality content for the long run versus having content just because is not creditable in it's pure rawest form from who?

the audience

what stands out to anyone is who you are, when no one is looking.

So putting effort to everything you do for value isn't bad,

it shows your character, it's day where you not gone enjoy everything

that comes your way or across your desk.

then does it lose the value of the creator?

ask the question


Great post from you again jerrybanfield. Thanks for all the great material and time you put into Steemit. You are great.

Yes, I think we should post to be helpful. I believe that the money will come if your just genuinely trying to help people. I love it!

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Excellent info and great post. As always!

This is a part why Youtube and Dailymotion should still be preferred over steemit by content creators.
Expiration deadline on rewards is rotten and promotes rot.
Rethinking this it does surprise me, because I still believe that most accounts here are spammers or some other sort of vermin, and rarely upvote once content is over 2 hours old, so I wonder where you got this stat (which is obvious on most other platforms) from?
I too became mostly a title reader, and I know that my posts are rarely seen by others.
I post here as a form of logging/documenting/ record keeping.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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I love you Bachelor hat :')
Good post! Upvoted my friend ^^
Have a nice day

You are the man!!!! @jerrybanfield

isn't it possible for steemit to start things like this? like you can get paid even after 7 days if someone votes you. sometime i get stuck with some problem and then i search on google for the solution with a steemit word including. then i find a really helpful post, but that was posted a year ago.... that was really helpful to me. now i just read the post and took the help i needed. because whether i vote or not it wouldn't matter.
but posts like that, i think deserves to get paid even after 7 days. that's just my opinion. steemit's system is not like that. i am sure there is good reason for it. but i don't know the reason.

thanks! It's very usefull, like always!

What if we changed the payout date to 3 months instead of 7 days? Those truly committed for the long term would stay in, Steemit would still only have to do one payout per post, and, after the initial 3-month wait, committed Steemers would still get a payday every week if they continued to make quality posts.

Nice post 👍
Thanks for sharing and and very useful information and good job 👊 @jerrybanfield

thanks so much Jerry, very informative. However not all of us have blogs and you tube channels and therefore it would be nice if the payouts on posts could be extended past the 7 days! Do you understand why it is structured that way?

Nice research work Jerry.

I am a new Steemian and your posts are always informative and educational. Digging deep to find new stuff every day.

Keep it up!

I've seen some of the stuff people comment on YouTube, it's ridiculous. People seem to have trouble being happy for someone else's success, they have to pin it to some sort of scam or something negative. But you know what they say @jerrybanfield, if you're getting negative comments, then you'Re doing something right, because you're getting views and attention. You always have a level of energy in your videos that I would not be able to emulate, it's way high ;) Thank you again for such informative and insightful posts and videos.

I​ love how you are able to break things down... alexandermazzei thanks for the follow.jpg

Sir Jerrybanfield i need your help. Being a human can you help me please. How i can gets votes on steemit post . Can you tell me secret of this please. This is my email address

That is so true... human nature more than anything else, I would say. We tend to become restless too often, and that is where all those doubts and questions enter our mind.

Patience is the key to a lot of good things in life. My first post over here didn't do well.. I am not worried about that because it certainly taught me a lot of important things about Steemit. That's what mattered to me.

Thank you for sharing this!

That is very good news :)