Lemon - Fruit challenge- Art class 7 days 3 sbd - Day 4

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The Lemon


Pic taken whit a 3MP Cam in a Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 .

Solanum lycopersicum, better known as tomatoes that come in different varieties of shape and size, indispensable for cooking in many parts of the world and main ingredient of ketchup, native to Central and South America and who used it in food for the first time was in Mexico. It is confused with a vegetable but it is not, it is a fruiLet's make a lemonade, lemon high in vitamin C content, widely used in the kitchen especially in the Middle East, natural remedy for the cold "hot tea with lemon", fruit preferred by bartenders to prepare drinks in clubs or bars. Lemon the most versatile fruit I know, but can not eat, is very citrus


Pic taken whit a 3MP Cam in a Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 .

Lemon, raw, without peel

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