Fruit challenge- Art class 7 days 3 sbd

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Nature expressions my fruit photography


Cherry season


Picking cherries farms


Cherry baskets


Cherry picnic


Make new fruit post every day
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Do you have a cherry tree ?
@vevette has a tree and she posted about it for three months.

Nice concepts but different fruit each week

Buying fruits tommorrow :p

Ok keep up

Upvoted and resteem done sir .... Wow nice challenge again come from you sir ... It would be nice to join this challenge ...

wow all those cherries look delicious and the great photos :D

the cherries look very tasty I find it excellent @flysky

Hey @flysky I love your photos you have some ways to capture the particular images. I am currently acquiring knowledge about what I am studying, I see jobs like these I find inspiring. Nature, without filters, a sincere way of photographing. I like very much.

Nice fruit

Thank you dear sir it's a great compliment from your side.
Thank you.

Hello @flysky, how you doing today im bring my first post day 1. "Platanos" called also bananas. very important in the diet for venezuelan for its high potassium content.