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It was windy while the sun was slowly going down. The snow was covering the mountain while I was having dinner with my family and friends in beautiful mountain restaurant. My son said: "Want to ski!"


I looked at him and told him that he don’t know how to ski yet because he is only 5 year old. But he answered with strong voice: I want to ski because I can! He was so persistent that he didn’t let us until we told him that we will take him to ski. My friend took him and they were skiing for two hours. When they returned he was so happy and proud.

Actually my child showed me how the desire has influence on something you really want. At the beginning of every success there must be strong wish, later the knowledge come, and after that the realization and fruits of your work are visible. Repeat to yourselves that you know that you can and that you will (want) and the result will be unavoidable.

With knowledge you can make money and with money you can buy hill of gold.

I didn’t know how hard it is –I started to learn

In one moment I wished to write a book, and I had phenomenal idea on my mind. Almost one year I was creating a lecture on different topics; I believed it would be very easy. I start to write dedications and it was easy to write first few pages; I was really inspired. After few days of writing I’ve lost concentration and I was involved in my current business. It passed one year and I didn’t write my book and I thought it will be very easy.


When I set on my computer again to continue with writing I’ve noticed that the first part of my book needs changes. I quickly finished the whole book and I felt relief. It left only to hand over what I wrote and the book to get final design before printing.

At that point new problems had appeared, that is called psychology of the book, the comments showed me that I have to change some chapters and that I’m repeating things on some places and that I have to add other things for the book to be good enough for printing. That process lasted whole month and when the book was finally printed, it became bestseller. The topic, concept and authentic style understandable for everyone are crucial for success.


“Get rich without money” how this topic sounds to you. It sounds attractive, isn’t it?
Parallel web-portal is made with the same name that functions on the principles explained in the book.

You should know that there would be obstacles every time you start doing something. With solving the problems you will gain experience useful for you in other situations.

How one book arises?

idea in form of concept; the book must have clear view and goal;the topic of the book that precisely shows what is the book about and it must be interesting;the content of the book;editing;psychology of the book (creative commentators that give advices so the book to be successful);printing;Sale or gift (it depends for what purpose is the book written, in any case she must be valuable);

It is very easy now to write this because at the beginning I thought that is easy, but actually it was very difficult.

Every literary masterpiece has huge weight: as much as we can carry off, that much we can give to others and nothing more than that. The more practice we have the stronger we are!

The much we can carry of, the much we can give.

Humble Episode from "Wear Your Success" by Dr.Great Success

( To be Continued )


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Cuando deseamos algo podemos obtenerlo con trabajo duro. La persistencia y la insistencia en algo también nos ayuda. El deseo de esquiar de tu hijo es una muestra de eso.



I never knew you are a writer and author and the name of your books sounds inspiring and filled with practical steps to become successful in life .

And if you child have a passion for skiing I think you need to help him by developing his talent and guiding him on that pact of sports.


😄😄😄 Thanks

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How good that you left it is something that your child de-ciaba and maybe when he grows up he will be one of the best skiing, of course you have to be very careful this sport looks fun I'm glad you both have had a good time