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Steem School one and only original educatiom platform on steemit

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Steem School basic steem class is the best beginning for all my minnows and newbies

My mission: @flysky
I like steemit. I decided to create steem schools to assist and help as many new steemit members as we can. I live in Los Angeles Cali. I really like the mission here and entire dynamic of peoples energy to learn and connect with each other on so many positive levels. When I started on steemit I have zero or no help from older members and best established bloggers. I tried to find fresh air in cloud of clouded minds of older steemans but I was sinking deeper and deeper in a ditch or no feedback arena of the established steemeans. Little by little with help and guidance of the @dobartim I started to make first steps and finally was able to see light at of the tunnel created by lost souls of members who didn't want to help me. With @dobartim help, support and first vote I was able to create space for me and start first post and my steemit work. There it is my re-introduction. I love people and love to work with people from all over the world. My slogan became "live locally, think globally" because I want all of us to be here for each other in our steemit work. All of you are welcome to join me in this journey across wild waves and steep mountains towards calm waters and oasis and valley of love and respect to each other work and mission.
Here it is #steemschools for all new minnows, members, newbies and all willing to work together on the largest Movement on Steemit


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good motivation for everyone, and the usual thinking, good work my friend


Always forward thinking

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Thanks for this reminder post. I've been wanting to hook up with steemschool very much lately, just that I needed to understand how it operates. There are a bunch of such communities out there many of which sucks.

Pls kindly highlight how it operates/how to start. Thanks.


always here to connect
How is the current Steemit Starter State?
Seeing the concerns of Beginner Steemit Users is currently so worried we have predicted this incident will happen and we have prepared something that is best for them. We have no difference in Steemschools. All of a big family with our house decorate with science and concept that is able to change they become great.
How Can Flatform Steemschools Faster?
Need steeminial friends know take us all together continue to learn and teach to all steeminial friends who are connected in the flatform.
Every day we share the knowledge we have for all friends all over the world, every minute, every minute or even every hour our door is open for all friends.
Who is already connected in Steemschools via Discord

We would like to report to all our friends that we now have great strength in steemschools with scientists, scholars, investors and all the world steemit friends from Indonesia, America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, England, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Philiphine, Mecadonia, Chile and All other countries that have a tremendous impact. the only original educatiom platform in steemit.
How is the mindset pattern built in Steemschools?
An interesting thing in steemschools, All the connected steeminials, both from the corners of the countryside, the suburbs and from the big cities of the world, yet the most extraordinary is that no one seems to think negatively about what we do in the fabulous Steemschools even those who live in remote villages, local residents but global mind-seters. This makes us stunned by what's happening in the live class that every day we continue to study and teach them at Steemschools

Live class is best way to start . This live class is on every day.