Time For Minnows And Newbies to Join Us In Steem-School Project!

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Welcome To steem-School!

I am pleased to share that i join the steem-school, I just really like the mission here and the potential to support minnows to achieve their Goal and to become their Own Leaders.

Purpose Of Steem-School:

After Analyzing that there is no help provided to the minnows and newbies from the big steemians and whales and dolphins, @dobartim decided to start a project with a mission to support the newbies to make a group where they build good stuff and Win together.

Here it is #steemschools for all new minnows, members, newbies and all willing to work together on the largest Movement on Steemit.


About Our Mission:


  • We are interested to Brings New Users To Steemit And to Teach Them In Every Possible Way.
  • To Help New Users To Learn About Steemit, Steem and Real Business.
  • Our Mission Is To Support People To Become Leaders And Entrepreneurs,
  • Our Mission Is To Make Every One Successfull On The Platform.
  • We Need To Be One Brand With A Mission And With One Goal To Kill poverty.
  • We win together & We Want To Work Together.


For Newbies:


Steem Schools is the right place for newbies to learn about Steemit, Steem, Cryptocurrency, business, poetry, communication, arts etc.

Steem School is the place where We share Knowledge About the steemit And how to get success on steemit and to work your self to be independent In World.

We Believe In Steemit And Working Together!

Feel Free To Join Our Discord SteemSchool.


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A great power is built in schools

An honor can read your post @alishannoor

What is our true mission in life?

certainly everyone, has a mission in life is no exception small fish that is now continually complained in hunya but here I really agree with @ alishannoor steemschools is a great power for small fish and anyone who wants to succeed in life.

is it important that we master self management?

in preparing ourselves to be a leader of course we must know how manamana self, there is no greatest strength except with a great community, but steemschools today have spawned many leades around the world.


Steemschools are a great power for everyone to everyone.


thanks for the details


@lovelyworld Your appreciation is very good for steemschool. Keep supporting and help him to spread their efforts.

Nice educative platform

Nice one @alishannoor, let's hope we'll get more support and more knowledge about steemit


Yes you should Get much knowledge about steemit and much more to make the life easier ,You are welcome to join Us .

What you may not realize however is that crying in these circumstances can actually be cathartic, helping to stabilize your emotions steem is the best

Thank you for making this! Hopefully this will bring more people into Steem

Thank you for this post, a friend told me about the steemschool when I bothered him too much for explanations about the community. Now I know where to learn, yippee!


You are always welcome dear we will help how much we can , would love to help people like you,its a pleasure.


Good job alishanoor aab pakistani hain toy mujh say baat karain

Awesome post, thank you for support


Thanks For Supporting the mankind you are a hero in real brother

thanks we're following you :)
Hope we will learn more.


Good @salmanrajz you will get more support there with the team, we have much opportunities to help the Newbies.


I know :)

box tops for steemication.

Congrats to joining steemschool nice information you share here its a awesome job to improve newbies really appreciating work keep it up


thanks for the kind words Appreciated!

Pls how do we follow? I like to know more .


Click on the Discord Link to become a member of steem-school, If you need any help let us know

Joined the Group,hope this turn out to be helpful :)

Thank you for your valuable information. I joined steemit just a few months ago and desperately needed something like this to take me to the level from where I can make myself a better leader and help others with what I can do for them. I will surely join your team and will work together to get a better position and help others to make their place too.
I am looking forward to join your school.

A good post for steemians.💫

Take Care.
May God bless you and your family.

Hello @alishannoor you got upvoted by @ahmad20, i am already in steemschool. Please pay my posts a visit sometime.

This is a great idea are there plans to write steem articles about what has been discussed in the discord to help spread the information to those outside as well?

I just joined Steem and wrote my first Piece https://steemit.com/gaming/@feralblowfish/career-skills-and-gaming

would love some constructive criticism if anyone has the time.
used to write a fair bit but not had any practice in a few years and im sure there are a few obvious mistakes I might have made.

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

Danke schön 💗 prima...

Great post!

@alishannoor Your efforts is deserve praise keep it up and Educate us with your knowledgeable post.