Steem School Pakistan Invitation To All Pakistani Brothers To Join This movement!

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Welcome To Pakistan Steem- School
Why Steem-School

I have personally decide to make a steem School for my pakistani brother!

Here it is #steemschools for all new minnows, members, newbies and all willing to work together on the largest Movement on Steemit.@dobartim decided to start a project with a mission to support the newbies to make a group where they build good stuff and Win together.

Here they will get free education about the steem school mission to bring new users to the steemit and to give them the knowledge to know steemit and how to work on steemit to make some interesting contribution to the steemit community,When we will work together on steemit we will make a good community to make steemit better and stay long.

Main Objectives:

  • We are interested to Brings New Users To Steemit And to Teach Them In Every Possible Way.
  • To Help New Users To Learn About Steemit, Steem and Real Business.
  • Our Mission Is To Support People To Become Leaders And Entrepreneurs,
  • Our Mission Is To Make Every One Successfull On The Platform.
  • We Need To Be One Brand With A Mission And With One Goal To Kill poverty.
  • We win together & We Want To Work Together.

Why to join SteemSchool Pakistan?

  • To Get Steemit Knowledge
  • To Promote your ideas
  • To Promote Community
  • Work together And Win:

Those Who Interested in Joining our mission are welcome to Pakistan steem school,i wish i can help Most of the student from Pakistan, Soon we will work on a physical steem school which will give free education about steemit and how to get success on steemit.

Our Project Founder Is @dobartim

Here Are you can join the pakistan discord team
Click Here Or click on the link below

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Best of luck to SteemSchool Pakistan .


Thanks brother

Awesome post! for all those crypto and tech enthusiast: I made this image with the 3D Steem logo so you can use it in your cryptocurrency posts! here's the link to my post
images are clean and completely free! just make sure to upvote! have a nice one!


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Awesome brother!


thank you so much friend

I would love to see people from Pakistan to write awesome content here in Steemit. I wish the best for this school and everyone who's in it!


thanks you so much dear

Luar biasa
Bersatu untuk kemajuan bersama.
Unite to progress together

Steemit is the future and this a great way to get people enlightened. I Thank God for a man like you and for having the poor people in the society at heart sir @alishannoor

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좋은하루 되세요

Wish you luck and My support is with you. whenever you need me i will be there


I will be glad when you are supporting me in our project we are offering free education to the pakistani brothers and will cost them nothing hope they enjoy the service with us . thanks feel free to bring as many as new friends to steemit and lets win together.!!@muhammad007