A Christmas Gift from steemit

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Who wants steem this Christmas?

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In the spirit of Christmas we want to help you to make somebody’s Christmas special with a little gift. Whether it’s a loved one or a charity, we want you to tell the world (your social media followers) about why they deserve a gift and then get that gift with steem.

Take the #steemsanta challenge!

The aim of the challenge is to create a meme of people spending or donating steem.

The challenge is to get your facebook friends or social media followers to “like” or “share” your post as much as you can by offering to raise some extra funds for charity or for somebody you think deserves something.

“50 likes and I donate the money from my steemit post to [insert charity here]”

“10 shares and I spend the money from my steemit post on a gift for [insert person here]”

If you use your imagination, you could also come up with some extra fun ideas that don’t require spending steem. But just make sure it involves posting something to steemit.com.

Feeling festive with steem!

To increase your chances of making a significant amount for your gift or donation, here is some advice on making a great post.

  • Use the #steemsanta tag so that curators will know where to look for posts about this challenge. You could put “#steemsanta challenge” in your title.
  • Try to make your post uplifting and personal. Let’s make it a Christmas meme!
  • Focus on how important the person or charity is to you.
  • Videos and pictures are more appealing than words. Consider the best way to grab the attention of your social media followers. This will add value to your steemit post too.
  • Consider how you could spend a little bit of money in an uplifting way. We want to use the meme to draw people in without giving them unrealistic expectations.
  • Include the screenshots of your facebook/snapchat/twitter posts in your steemit post to show your success in getting people to like/share it.
  • Please include a link to this on your steemit post to encourage further participation.
  • There is the option to spend the SBD directly on peerhub.com to show that steemians can spend this money directly without even trading for fiat.

When you’ve completed the challenge we would love to see a follow up video of your gift or donation (totally optional) but could get you some extra steem. Consider this post as an example.

There is a possibility if we get enough video submissions to use them as footage for a promotional video for STEEM...

Have a steemy Christmas everyone!!

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A fantastic idea that should really help spread the message about Steemit:)



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Thanks bot!

Let me know if you want to translate this article in Romanian language.


Go ahead! If that's your native language then please do and share it far and wide. Link it here and I'll include it with the others. 😊


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A Christmas Gift from steemit — Steemit

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Upvoted and resteemed.

Upvoted and resteemed! Great idea @beanz!

Tweeted on @Steemit and shared on Google Plus and Pinterest.


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A Christmas Gift from @Steemit #Blockchain #SocialMedia

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Thank you :D

I just saw this thanks to @lemouth

I'm dedicating posts and donating the proceeds to the people I find on Steemit who need a boost. It's not really geared toward Christmas or the holidays but more based out of need. So I'm using the #payitforward tag but will introduce the #steemsanta tag in future posts.

Yesterday was for @klye. @smysullivan wrote a #payitfoward post for @l0k1 and I'll be posting one for @dailybitcoinnews shortly. Any help and attention for these guys would really be appreciated. :)