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We at are proud of you @steempowertwins, thanks for all you do for us and for Steemit.

Good job! :)

Awesome!!! Thanks for spreading the Steem spirit ladies. Our votes can make a difference :)

Way to go! You're sure turning into a power-couple of brand ambassadors!

[ Okay... Blame the image credit for the above, or me. :) ]

Shared & pinned on twitter

Great job & appreciation from me as a Boy Scout of eight years that made it to Eagle Scout and have help in these for three decades and love seeing these great cooperative efforts in and for the communities we live in.


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@steEMPOWERtwins Delivers Donation from SteemSports Charity Event… /

@SteemUps @SteemitPosts @steemit @SteemSports

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Great work, keep it up! TY as a #Steemit buddy! (:

Oh and UV and RS for you also!

Share this on twitter! Good job @steempowertwins! I hope this will become a series! :)

Awesome..upvoted with love

Well done! You both doing great.

Awesome video and great charity choice. You both did a tremendous job @steEMPOWERtwins! :)

Well done ladies! now when and where is the next one?

Great work guys, always good to see funds going to a good cause like this :)


smart , beautiful ,and generous girls <3

great work as ever ladies )

Shared on Facebook. Good work!

Oh my god I love you !!! This is exactly what I wanted to see, where the money went and how it helped them. And you gave them every opportunity to represent themselves. You deserve to be up there at the top!

Great initiative, thanks for sharing your charitable work!

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:) thank you so much for making this world a better place

Great work..... Keep it up..... I like this twins

Wao so nice great work keep it up I follow u