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Brief Description: Our mission is to unite people from different backgrounds to enable a community that collectively breaks down barriers while bringing inspirational visions to life. How we do this is by helping facilitate funding and awareness for Steem Projects by connecting project creators with influencers and supporters. With how we function, think Kickstarter or Indiegogo but with a network of influencers to partner with project creators.
Website: https://hyperfundit.com
Creator: @hyperfundit
Location: The World
Industry: Marketing, Fundraising
Contact Info: Discord


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five star

5 star for the hyperfundit team. They were amazing in helping us setup a fund raising project and completely went above and beyond in helping us raise funds for our project. Thank you @hyperfundit.com

five star
We would have stopped after loosing hope because there was no fund to continue the event. But @hyperfundit restored our hope, Helping us to get funds for our last project was so helpfull. Thank you so much and we love your team work

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