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it was about 2009 and my boss had discovered a new form of monetization:


to have believed it today I would have been a millionaire, but the reality of things always goes differently from what you would like. Back in 2009 you could even mine portions of BTC directly from the wallet and my boss then said:
this is the future !!!

but could we know how it was going?

Did we know that it would have touched the threshold of 20 thousand dollars and then returned to about 5000?

nobody knew it, otherwise we would not even be here to talk about it

source Pexels

doing this premise I wanted to tell all those who read not to think that the easy things are always the ones that give the most profit. Generally in life it is precisely the most difficult things to succeed. Who would have thought that a ridiculous crypto experiment would reach these gains?

in life there are 2 types of people:

  • those who believe
  • those who do not believe

sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. So none of the 2 types of people is the right one.

returning to the crypto world we often see interesting projects that, as they do not have an absolute value to date, are not taken into consideration. But then when we see a crypto grow we are all ready to buy it. But maybe it's a little too late !!!

I want to end by making you reflect on the fact that it is people's choices that determine their effects. A wrong choice today will cost you dear for the future.

many, for example, did not believe in the future of steem, especially when it started with the POW. Did you ever say that it would have arrived at these levels?

and now all those who believed in it are having their profits ....

And you, do you believe in things?


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