Steem Repo wants to reward many more users - Second Level Curators Recruitment

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Steem Repo is growing fast and with the number of increased users on our Discord Server. it's necessary to have a greater number of Curators.

As explained on our first lesson we not only curate "external contents", we curate posts inside our discord server under the #post-promotion channel. For doing it, we use a channel called #promotion-curation where only curators have access to publish the curation.

Time for the second level curators

All our curators to be part of the steem repo project, delegated around 100SP, in order to give a stronger upvote when the curation process is made.
This mechanism is automatic and we use some Javascript bot for simplify the upvote/comment process.

But this is not enough.... and we wanna curate more

So we decided to create a second level Curators. This second level will find good quality posts first on our discord server, then on the Steem blockchain. We therefore want to give priority to users who are giving us trust!!!

The Second level Curators will be delegators as the First Level. We ask to delegate 50 SP of their VP to @steemrepo

Remember to change your steem username with your username, also you'll receive an error message like this



We don't want to say there are (or not) good people for doing this job, but we can certainly say there are people more passionate than others.

How can we choose curators?

1- Reputation on Steem is very important because give us the sense of your commitment here. A number around 50 would be cool
2- A said before we need people ready to delegate and for this reason we need users very present here and with SP to delegate
3- To verify that second level curators write well, we will go through user profiles to view them

What the second level curators earn from this

They will take an upvote around 15% by the account @steemrepo on ONE of their daily posts.

How the Recruitment process works?

  • The Hypothetical second level curators should contact us on Steem Repo Discord Server
  • we will verify the requirements described here ("How can we choose curators?")
  • If requirements are satisfied we ask to delegate 50 SP to steemrepo
  • Once the delegation is done, we will add second level curators a discord role with access on specific sections

How the Second Level Curation process works?

We want to differentiate the first level then the second second. The first Level will continue to work like now, with the additional task of checking Second Level.

  • A second level curators will find 1/2 max good quality daily contents
  • They will submit posts to the First Level curators on a specific channel
  • If the first level notes that are good posts, they will go to upvote/comment with the already existing process

So the post will be seen like if it was curated by the first level curators.


Do you find it interesting?
Do you wanna join the program?

Contact us on discord

STEEM REPO Project is a Service brought to you by @yanosh01
Do not forget to support @yanosh01 as Witness clicking HERE



A very interesting project will be fun to watch it grow!

Thank you @dynamicgreentk . You are welcome if you wanna join the program

Will definitely check that further, thanks!
Just logged in the Discord's.

you are welcome. If you wanna be the second level curator let us know...

Success for our steem repo supports you. Upgrade some new projects to build the project grow bigger ;)

Thank you very much teacher ;-)

Would have loved to join but SP is too low.

You'll have your possibility here....

This is really incredible...this is an amazing step to improve the community...steemrepo is definitely heading somewhere...kudos!

Thanks @sparklez . Why don't you join on Steem Repo Discord Server and you try to help us?

Great one but i do not have the required Sp.
Great initiative though.

np, follow the project "behind the scenes"..

What about content creators?

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