Steem Repo Teaching - Lesson 1

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The Steem Repo Weekly Update brought to you by @yanosh01.

What is Steem Repo Teaching?

Steem Repo Teaching is a project created by @yanosh01 and part of STEEM REPO, with the intention to give more awareness to people.
We don't want only to Speak about Steem and Steem Repo, we will speak about everything goes around Steem. For example we will speak about tags (music, art, food....) and development.


Our vision is to make lessons where specific arguments will be explained by experts of a specific sector.

The First Lesson: Steem Repo

In the first lesson we explained what is Stem Repo and everything about it.

What is Steem Repo?

Steem Repo is the Biggest Steem Repository created as a container of the most important posts written on Steem Blockchain.

Have you ever tried to find a good quality post older then a week?
Have you ever tried to find a good quality post written by someone and you don't remeber where to find it?

This is Steem Repo. We choose the best quality posts, to be stored inside an online repository.


What's the difference between Steem Repo and other Service Curators?

We not only curate posts we save it on a Repository, so our curated posts can be preserved on the STEEM REPO Website:

Steem Repo Website is a Wordpress site created by @yanosh01 and maintained by Reviewers.

Steem Repo before the version 2.0


Was a Wordpress site stored on altervista
With the help of @bitius we uploaded all good quality posts valued and undervalued on the steem repo wesite. There wasn’t the curation process we have today.

We have traveled a long way

How the process work?

Steem Repo Team consist of Curators and Reviewers. With a synergy they curate and preserve good quality posts stored on the Steem Blockchain.

Curators find good quality posts to curate. This posts are submitted by an automated system on the Steem Repo Discord Server and automatically receive a 20% upvote and comment from the @steemrepo account.
Once a post is curated users,"For Privacy", should give us the permission to upload it on steem repo website!!!


Reviewers confirm the good quality of these posts and then upload it to the STEEM REPO Website whit a specific personal account created.


The name of curators and reviewers

CURATORS: find undervalued good quality posts

REVIEWERS: upload on steem repo website accepted and curated posts

How the operative Flow Works

We can call it "Behind the scenes":

How does the process really work?


1- Curators find good quality posts only.
2- Curators link it to the correct Discord Channel Tag.
3- Curators must not choose the same user oftenly. Curators choose at max 2 posts every day
4- Once a post is linked on the correct tag section, it receive a @steemrepo upvote and comment
5- Reviewers upload on Steem Repo website curated posts only if the answer is YES
6- Reviewers can be at the same time curators too


We curate not only external good quality posts, we curate on our discord channel on section called #post-promotion. Our curators find good quality posts and publish it on section called #promotion-curation. So we have to say: write good valued contents and you will be rewarded for this.
We suggest to use the tag #steemrepo because this posts will have more visibility on steem.

About the steem repo trail

Steem Repo has a Curation Trail on called @steemrepo.
If you wanna help us you can delegate us with this link (change your steem username) or you can follow our Trail.


• Go to
• Signup via Steemconnect V2 with your Steem Account and private posting key
• Select the curation trail option and then type "steemrepo" in the "search curation trail" space
• Click "Follow" to join the steemrepo curation trail.
• You can now support quality content creators on the Blockchain with your upvotes.

What’s the future of Steem Repo

We'd like to transform STEEM REPO into a Steem Blockchain Website like UTOPIAN with The difference posts will be parked until curators accept it. Once it' is done posts can be published on steem blockchain and at the same time remains on steem repo.


Exactly we wanna create a process like this:

  • Every user can register on the new Steem Repo Website (with steemconnect V2)
  • Curators choose with criteria which users are considered good for registration (example: rep., voting value,....)
  • Once a User is registered on Steem Repo he can write good quality posts directly on steem repo website
  • When he write the post will not published directly but will be parked until curators accept it (this will prevent to save on steem repo bad posts)
  • If a post is accepted will be released, upvoted and commented by @steemrepo

We are still finding developers to help us on this project

Why we created the Steem Repo Classes with teachers?

As explained before, Steem Repo Teaching was born by the idea of teaching users that need help on steem because a lot of people come here thinking Steem is like Facebook. The plus we wanna give, is to make lessons to transmit the work that other people are able to do.


How to supports the steem repo project?

To permit curators to have a valuable instrument, we need people delegate Steem Power to the account called @steemrepo or people able to follow our trail explained before.
This is for example the link how for delegating 100 SP to @steemrepo

STEEM REPO Project is a Service brought to you by @yanosh01
Do not forget to support @yanosh01 as Witness clicking HERE



Keep the good work moving

we are all doing a good work on steem repo and we will fly with him :-D

I'm steem repo, you are steem repo , we are steem repo.... Steem repo is for everyone!!!

Hi @steemrepo,
I just visited the steemrepo wordpress site and what can I say, I really like your idea.
Maybe it would be nice to give the possibility for other wordpress users to follow the site, it could attract more new users to Steemit.
Aswell some share buttons for other networks would be nice, especially a reblog button, so some posts could be spread in the worldpress world.
All in all a great idea.
I have a similar site on wordpress:
I use this site for promote Steemit to wordpress bloggers.
I will soon join your curation trail.
Best regards and thanks for your great work.
ah, you have any footers to use for the Steemit posts?
resteemed, if you want I reblog this post on steempress, just tell me.

Thanks for your support. This is exactly the spirit we wanna see on steem repo, because we are not like all other services, we are somenthing more and more valued..... stay connected because we will do a lot of more interesting lessons. Thanks again for choosing STEEM REPO

I really like this idea! I just found out about it. :) Very interesting concept to moderate content you will reward before it hits the blockchain.

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