SteemRally Updates, Date confirmed, Giveaway, Celebrity Car Vlogger?

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It's been great seeing the huge support for SteemRally -- such an awesome effort and it's going to be something else.

The SteemRally will definitely be proceeding. While not all details are worked out yet, here's some key updates I can pass along.

Date Confirmed

Thanks to a great suggestion from @roelandp the SteemRally will take place on Saturday(November 4th). His great suggestion, this is the least amount of activity and absolutely not conflicting with our closing ceremonies(November 5th).


I heard a good deal of Steemians who really wanted to be apart of the Rally, but due to lack of funds couldn't. Well we are going to definitely have a giveaway or two, winners will get a free rental to be apart of the rally.

Dedicated Site

A dedicated site for SteemRally will be launching very soon to help promote the Event.

Potential Celebrity Car Vlogger

I will be working hard to discuss the Rally to some better know Car Vloggers on Youtube. Their participation would be fantastic to promote Steemit, and also introduce them to our community to earn on their content & fans.

More updates coming very soon.

-- originate

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Im so up for this!! Im going to do Gumbal rally one day so this is a great warm up!

Id like to enter for the free rental!

Great Initiative, I have followed you and am booking accom and steemfest ticket very soon :)

@tomasgeorge @jerrybanfield @starkerz @anarcotech

This sounds like a must do!

I'm up for it!

If you are, I am!

the car rally will be in europe ?

Yes @mohammedfelahi apart of steemfest

Good post

If I have more steem... I go and photography this rally :)

Oh I wish I could go to STEEMfest.

It would be perfect to drive a Stanley Steemer to the STEEMfest Rally.


Ooops! No idea how I've missed this, I've been looking...

@s0u1 and I are up for this one! Confirmed petrol-heads, we'll be sorting out the hire etc before we take off into the sun for the SteemFest.

Thanks again @originate - we're looking forward to more and more to do during the week we'll be there.

Only just found this. Saturday will be great.