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What's going on guys? I disappeared for about almost 3 weeks because I'm running some errands but now I'm back.

Congratulations to @bachone for winning 1SBD from the previous contest.

contest inspired by @voiceofreason

Guess correctly what province/state the photo is taken to win 1 to 2 SBD.


image credit


- Upvote this post first to qualify.

  • Only one guess per person is allowed.
  • Submit your answer in the comment section below.
  • Only the first two to guessed correctly will win.
  • If two people guessed correctly, I will divide the prize in two. (So, each will receive
  • If no one guessed correctly, on the next contest, I will add
    another 1SBD to the prize

Clue: It's in United States!

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Fort Worth Water Gardens Houston ,Texas

congratulations you won 0.50 SBD :)

This is at The Fort Worth Water Gardens, Houston, TX!

Foodie. Carnivore. Couch Potato.

congratulations you won 0.50 SBD :)

Woohoo! Thanks! My first contest on my first day on steemit. I shall remember this for a long long time @marianmiller :)

Very good post

Utah? - @mama-pepper

Omg. thanks @papa-pepper for the help 😊

Forth worth water gardens in houston, texas